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Getting back to normal at last!

After all the excitement 11 weeks ago now, it finally feels time to get back to normal and get back into a routine with my life. All the wedding odds and ends have been completed, thank you’s have been sent, photo’s ordered, delivered and put into frames and albums and finally momento’s have been packed away in the wedding trunks. We were incredibly fortunate to have a lovely day without any issues, a couple of guests couldn’t make it at the last minute and they were missed but it was the most amazing day even so.

One I will never forget.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting back to normal, catching up with everything, well as much as I can anyway and now I figured it was time to start this again and see where I end up this time. The future seems to be a very exciting time/place to me right now 😀

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Butterflies and wishes

I started this blog with so many good intentions about keeping it up to date and documenting the mad ride that has been planning our wedding but now, 8 days before the big event, I realise that I have failed miserably. I just keep running out of time. Because I elected to make some pieces myself (buttonholes, favours and post box) rather than purchase them all ready to go, it has meant that although I have exactly what I wanted, I’ve neglected this blog. Oh well, it’s nearly here so there’s nothing to be done and I really dont regret the choices I made, I just wish I had had that little bit more time so that I could have those posts to look back on and remember the fun I have had.

I guess the good side of that is that our guests probably have little idea about what they are going to encounter when they arrive so hopefully they will enjoy a couple of surprises, just please, no using the cricket bat on each other 😉 one of us girlies is injured enough (hope your arm is better soon x)

As for me, well, I’m just starting to struggle, the butterflies in my tummy have grown to epic proportions and I’m having mini panic attacks, luckily they only affect me when D is at work. His calming influence is really helping me as I do know there is nothing for me to worry about. The wedding will be lovely with the reception & party after being a lot of fun and the marriage itself will be wonderful, we’ve been together near 11 years now and still just as happy as we’ve ever been. But I cant help these odd nerves that flit about when I am alone, maybe it’s just being a bride and not to do with all those initials that are wrong with me but I do admit, a part of me cant wait for it to be over and for things to get back to normal again!lol

I’m not going to promise to blog again, I will try to remember to, especially with a write up of how the day went and I really will make an effort to come back once I get my other hobby re-started and back up to date again. And so I’ll leave this here, I’ll see some of you next weekend and others around the net. Have a happy Easter whatever you are getting up to 🙂

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A bad day followed by a great one!

Tuesday this week was a total disaster for me, it was one of those days where if something could go wrong it really did, or at least it seemed to.

To start with, when I opened the curtains part of the rail came out of it’s clips, not a problem normally as D can reach to pop it back in. Not so this week as he has been on a training course and leaves earlier so I spent the day with the rail hanging off the wall and the curtains in an odd position so they didn’t weigh it down!

Next on my hitlist was the PC, I’ve never upgraded from XP and it can be annoying at times when it decides to do odd things to me and it did a really good one to me this time. I was doing some bits in Chrome on Facebook and accidentally clicked on the wrong link …. so the PC went nuts trying to download something, everything went to a standstill and I hit the restart button. Sadly, it refused to boot after that, not even in safe mode so off I went to find the windows disc and as I pulled the drawer out …. the bottom fell out of it and the back panel flew off. See, it was a really bad day! Luckily I knew where I had some duck tape and the drawer was fixed BUT my drivers discs were not in the drawer eeek! Anyway, I got windows back on, hunted out my laptop and continued with my day sat watching Christmas films and going online through the tiniest (but very cute) laptop known to man/woman!lol

When D got home, he fixed the curtain rail for me and downloaded the drivers I needed for my PC and after finally getting the internet back on here I found it near impossible to get the updates to make everything work how it used to so we decided it’s time for me to upgrade. This is just about useable (it’s not very user friendly right now but will do nearly all I ask of it) for a few days and then I’m going to Windows 10. I’m kind of looking forward to getting it too and seeing what my PC can do with all of it’s parts working together since we got the 64bit version so I can access the other memory that this has but has not been used thus far.

Making that choice and ordering the software started my Wednesday morning and happily we were able to find it at a price we liked, it should be here over the weekend/early next week. After that, I checked the ECB to see if there was any news of the fixtures for next year (we want to marry at our local cricket ground so needed the county fixtures to be released as you cant get married there if there is a match on!) and found they were being released at 9am. I (im)patiently waited till it was time and checked ….YES! the matches dont start until a couple of weeks after our chosen date and last evening I had it confirmed from our wedding co-ordinator that we can go ahead with our preferred date and so what started off being a very rough couple of days ended with such an amazing high that I’m sat here grinning like you wouldn’t believe wondering what I was worried about 😀

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A bouquet toss with a difference!

My hayfever has slowly been getting worse each year so we took the decision to not have any real flowers at the wedding as I’m still not 100% sure exactly which ones affect me. I did think lily’s were the main culprit but at a funeral we attended earlier this year although I did have a reaction being near all of the flowers and had to move away, when sat near just one bunch which included lily’s, I had no reaction at all so I’m stumped.

Luckily however, they make such pretty silk and foam flowers these days that it wont be an issue with buttonholes and corsages for us all to wear (a post about this will appear soon!) But, when I was looking at a bouquet, the ones I really liked the look of were quite heavy and the thought of having to throw them at the end of the night made me a little nervous that it might hurt someone!

I decided to solve my problem in 2 ways. The first is that I have a bag to carry, yes I know, me and handbags so it was kinda obvious really! That being said, I really like the bag (and the contents it will have) so I couldn’t throw that so I was looking for something that I could when I found this:

Bride Sheep

So I just had to purchase it, it’s something nice and soft and hopefully a few of our guests will want her so it could make for a fun few moments, especially if we wait till they’ve had a few drinks 😉

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What do evening guests expect?

I think this is the question that’s puzzling me the most right now, what do we arrange for the evening guests? Those who are coming to the service it’s easy, that’s a 3 course wedding breakfast but what about those only coming in the evening?

With the venue we have selected we have lots of choices on offer from a small and simple buffet to a carvery or even a hog roast! So my question is, if you were invited as an evening guest to a wedding, would you expect to eat well or would you eat first? If we decide to go for one of the proper meal options instead of the nibbles/snacks ones, should we warn those we invite and let them know what will be happening?

Also, along similar lines, do guests expect a free bar (yes, anyone who does will have a nasty shock at our wedding!) I know that I’m not fussed either way but I don’t know how others feel and what expectations are these days.

So, any help on how to deal with other people’s expectations or should I just blinker myself and not worry about what others might expect?

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To winge or bare it?

This really is not going to be about what you think it is!

Many, many years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS which alongside leaving me unable to have children also made hair grow where I didn’t want it and to stop growing where I did! This means that my hair, which is naturally very fine, is now also thinning quite badly at the front, so much so that I cannot part it one one side anymore if I don’t want to look half bald!

So, with the wedding coming up, do I bare it and just have a simple hairstyle and hope it doesn’t look too bad, at least it will be me. Or do I use a winge (a fringe wig) and cover the lack of hair up and get a tiara to cover the join?

Well, I’ve taken the plunge, I found a winge that looked OK in about the right colour online and it was in a clearance sale. It arrived today and after fiddling about with the clips I’ve managed to get it attached and it actually does match my hair colouring really well but who is this woman looking back at me in the mirror?

As I said in my last post, I have something for the back of my head and I love that, the first time I saw it on me, I actually felt like a bride for the first time. With this winge, I could wear that all day, I would just need to get a tiara or something to hide the join or I could wear my hair down for the service & photo’s and put it up later in the day once it gets too hot. I guess I’ll make the final decision on the day and until then, I’ll have fun looking at tiara’s 😀

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Ohhhh 1st post!

I’m not sure if this will be a permanent thing or just for the run up to our wedding but with some of the things I’ve been investigating and trying out for the big day I wanted somewhere to share all about them!

Getting feedback is also helpful as I keep forgetting things, like I purchased a lovely thing for my hair, completely forgetting that the back of my head wont show in many of the photographs and I really needed to think about the front too!

So, I’ll leave this here, I have loads of ideas for posts I want to make, lets see how I get on and if this blog survives 🙂