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Advent Calendars – Day 11

December 11th

ASOS – Rodial Stem Cell Magic Gel. This claims to be a 10-in-1 hydrator and tells me I can use it daily or as an intensive overnight mask. That sounds good and I think I will try it as a mask as I always have more face creams than masks 🙂

L’Occitane – Ultra Rich Shower Cream. This beautifully scented shower cream always leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. The scent is a little sweet for me but it’s one I put up with for the benefits I get from it.

Look Fantastic – Molton Brown GingerLily Body Wash. This is quite a delicately scented body wash and I can’t decide if I like it or not, it’s kind of floral but not, kind of spicy but not. I guess the only thing to do is to give it a go properly and see what I think then 😀

M&S – Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge. This was an either/or item in this calendar this year. Either you got this or you got an Ultrasun Ultralip. I’m really happy that my calendar had the sponge as I have loads of lip products but I needed a sponge for the banana powder that I found in the Look Fantastic calendar 2 days ago 🙂

Mrs Brimbles – Sticky notes!!! YAY everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with sticky notes! I just find them really useful and you can get them in so many pretty designs these days that there’s no reason really to stick to just plain ones 🙂

You Beauty – Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. From the back of this can I cant decide exactly what this is as it says it is an alternative to dry shampoo but it also makes it sound like a root lift/volumiser. I guess I’ll find out when I use it as a root lift since I do use those and I’m in need of a new one very soon 😀

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Advent Calendars – Day 20


On the left is a tube of Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream from my M&S calendar.

Next to that is a tube of Amande Delicious Hands hand cream from my L’Occitane calendar

At the top is a heart shape cookie cutter from the Sanctuary calendar

Below that is D’s lindor of the day and it’s another red one 🙂

Finally, on the right is a little book of sticky notes from my Mrs Brimbles calendar. When I opened it out, the pile on the left have butterflies on them and the ones on the right have the Eiffel tower on them. They are very cute, very useful and have made me very happy this morning 😀

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Advent Calendars – Day 14


On the left is another super cute pack of sticky notes from my Mrs Brimbles calendar. I’m so pleased to keep getting these as I firmly believe that you can never have enough of them. The motto on today’s pack is very appropriate for the season as well, it says “Peace be with you”

Next to that is a bottle of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse which came from my M&S calendar. I’ve not tried this but have heard good things about it and with it being such a good size I’m sure I will get to give it a good trial and see how it works for me!

Today, as you can see, is another red lindor day for D

Top right is a bar of amande delicious soap from my L’Occitane calendar. It really does live up to it’s name as it smells good enough to eat through the packaging so another thing to look forward to trying out from this calendar 🙂

Finally from the Sanctuary calendar I received some toe separators.

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Advent Calendars – Day 12


On the left is a bottle of Immortelle essential water from my L’Occitane calendar, it’s a facial toner for anyone who hasn’t heard of it. I’ve not tried much of the L’Occitane facial skin care range so I have been looking forward to getting this and seeing how it works for me.

Next to that is another very cute pack of sticky notes from my Mrs Brimbles calendar so I’m thrilled again this morning with this one. Like the last pack this one has a motto on the packet, this one was on the back and much easier to read. It says: “You will achieve everything you want if you work hard” 😀

To the right of that is a mini powder brush from my M&S calendar, new brushes are always useful and this one feels really nice.

On the right at the bottom is another tea light candle from the Sanctuary Spa calendar.

Above that is D’s lindor of the day and today we have another new one, this one has a milk chocolate outer shell filled with a white chocolate filling – that sounds very yummy to me!

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Advent Calendars – Day 4


On the left is the Pixi by Petra Brow tamer from my M&S calendar and this is something I use, well, I normally use clear mascara as I never knew this existed until I saw it on this calendar. It will be interesting to see how this stands up against my usual product and if it works as well as it claims 😀

In the front is the Moisture Burst Facial Wash from the Sanctuary Spa calendar. This smells really nice so I’m hoping it works well and will be patch testing it soon 🙂

Above that, the yellow star is a pack of sticky notes from my Mrs Brimbles calendar. Anyone who knows me at all will know I was delighted to open these as I am a total sticky note addict and have many different packs on the go at once in lots of different designs and colours. I didn’t have a star pack until now so this is really good 🙂

Next to that on the right at the back is a Verveine refreshing cloth. Again this is scented with a fragrance I know well but this is a new product to me. I can see it’s usefulness already and am keen to see how it fairs in use.

Finally, bottom right, is D’s Lindor of the day. Today’s one is caramel and he said it was quite nice. The middle was a caramel truffle and not a gooey mess of caramel 🙂

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Deliveries 7th July 2016


I received this sample of Post-its larger notes today and I really like them. Most of my friends know I have a love of sticky notes in all forms and am always looking out for new designs and idea’s for keeping organised better with them so this one seems ideal to me. It looks a great one for when I’m writing a list at my desk but will need to go back to add more to it later, I can just stick one of these on the wall and I wont lose it, like I do with notepad ones (way too often!lol)

I realise that many of you wont find this one very interesting, some will as I know there are some other stationery lovers out there, but I promise, much more interesting things are headed this way, watch out on Tuesday, I’m expecting delivery of my highest value prize this year so far 😉