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Deliveries 16th October 2017


This lovely little sample has come from the Glamour Beauty Club via SoPost. I tried a tiny amount on my hand and it smells amazing and absorbs really well, I’m looking forward to seeing how it works on my face later 😀

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Deliveries 22nd September 2017


At the top is a sample of Persil’s new product, Powergems and a money off coupon, more laundry products are always handy and I love trying out new ones.

Bottom left are 3 soaps that I purchased from eBay, there are actually 2 Jasmin & Bergamote one is hiding under the other! The other 2 are Bonne Mere soaps in Lemon and Peach.

Above the peach soap is a sample of Philosophy’s purity made simple cleanser.

The other 3 items along the bottom are a sample of Chanel’s new perfume, Gabrielle. I love getting these samples through as it’s a great way of finding out which you could love and which you really couldn’t!

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Deliveries 29th March 2017


This morning I received a lovely surprise in the post, this Hyaluronic Acid Serum! I believe that I have won this from the competitions run through House and Garden and from February’s set of Daily ones if I am correct in my searching.

This is a type of product I use myself but I have not tried this brand yet so I’ll add this one in to try out once my current serum has been exhausted 😀

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Advent Calendars – Days 24 & 25

I decided to open tomorrow’s one box today as I’m expecting to be busy most of the day and this way you all can see everything that came in the calendars 🙂

Day 24


On the left is a tube of Wonder Body from my Sanctuary calendar. It claims to hydrate, illuminate, transform, refine, even, correct and perfect. Well, that’s a lot to live up to, I’m going to have to try this out at some point!

Next to that is a cute little smiley notebook which was the last item from my Mrs Brimbles calendar. It has some lined pages inside and some blank coloured ones as well, I have some idea’s for uses for this, it just depends on what Santa delivers tonight 😉

Next to that on the bottom is a Burt’s Bees’ beeswax lip balm with vitamin E and peppermint which came from my M&S calendar. Always handy to have around the house and in my bag so another I’m pleased to receive.

Above that you can see that D’s last lindor of the day was a final red one 🙂

Top right is a bottle of Fleurs de Cerisier eau de toilette from my L’Occitane calendar. This smells really lovely and I’m so pleased to have this alongside the other items from this fragrance range.

Day 25


The final box has come from my M&S calendar and held a bottle of Shay & Blue Atropa Belladonna fragrance. This is really lovely, I had to smell it when I opened it and it seemed very light to me with a slight sherbertyness to it 😀

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Advent Calendars – Day 23

Only 1 more full day of these to go now, I’m thinking I might cheat with the M&S calendar and open box 25 tomorrow as it’s the only one that has the 25th day so it would be all lonely if I left it 😉


On the left is the most amazing (to me) thing that has come from my Mrs Brimbles calendar so far and that is saying something as I have been amazed by almost everything that I’ve discovered! This is a pair of mini scissors! When I opened it and saw it said it was scissors my first thought was “No way!” I then opened it up and found that actually it really is a pair of scissors and they are quite good ones too! The cap comes off to reveal the blades held together with a small band, remove the band and the black edge springs out to reveal itself as the second arm of the scissors. Another reason to be amazed, this is the first pair of scissors I have received in many years that has not required the use of scissors (or more violent means) to extract them from their packaging!

Bottom right is a tube of Roses et Reines hand cream from my L’Occitane calendar which smells exactly as it sounds like it should.

Above that on the left is a tube of Gentle Polish Body Scrub from my Sanctuary calendar.

Next to that is Studio 10 Miracle Effect priming serum from my M&S calendar, I wonder if this one can live up to its name?

Top right is D’s lindor of the day and today’s one is a red milk chocolate one 🙂

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Advent Calendars – Day 22


Top left is a very cute coin purse (?) from my Mrs Brimbles calendar.

Next to that is a bottle of Gentle toner enriched with Shea from my L’Occitane calendar

Top right is a tube of Velvety hand cream from my Sanctuary calendar

Bottom left is D’s lindor of the day and today’s one has a milk chocolate shell filled with White chocolate 🙂

Bottom right is a Leighton Denny mini crystal nail file from my M&S calendar. It looks and feels good and is just the right size to pop in my bag 😀

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Advent Calendars – Day 20


On the left is a tube of Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream from my M&S calendar.

Next to that is a tube of Amande Delicious Hands hand cream from my L’Occitane calendar

At the top is a heart shape cookie cutter from the Sanctuary calendar

Below that is D’s lindor of the day and it’s another red one 🙂

Finally, on the right is a little book of sticky notes from my Mrs Brimbles calendar. When I opened it out, the pile on the left have butterflies on them and the ones on the right have the Eiffel tower on them. They are very cute, very useful and have made me very happy this morning 😀