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Deliveries 15th November 2017


The first thing to say is this photo does not do my new winter coat any justice as it is the most gorgeous purple coat I’ve ever seen and I have been lusting after it for months now but the £££ were a bit too many for me to be comfortable with. Happily it just went on about a 40% reduction and I just had to grab one. It fits like a dream, is really warm and the furry hood is just right too! I’m def very happy with this purchase, it’s listed on the site I purchased it from as Joe Browns Perfect Padded Jacket and it totally lives up to that name!

Nestled in the waist of the jacket are 2 freebies that came today via SoPost from Sanctuary Spa. I received the Body Wash and D received the Body Butter. both smell as lovely as Sanctuary products always do 🙂

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Deliveries 11th November 2017


Right in the middle is one of the plates JackpotJoy were giving away to commemorate Paddy McGuinness’ coronation.

The other items are my campaign pack from the Savvy Circle’s Olay campaign. I’m looking forward to trying this out as I’ve tried a few of their products and usually had good experiences with them. I also have some samples to give to friends along with money off coupons. #OlayAgeless

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Deliveries 31st October 2017


Today’s deliveries are the proof that I’ve been naughty and opened a door on one of my calendars! From Paula’s unboxing video I knew that behind the first door of my You Beauty advent calendar was a voucher for ESPA along with a product. I have a feeling that they may get a lot of orders that day and so decided that I would open the door, use the voucher, put it back and keep whatever I got with the voucher until the 1st to have with the other item behind the door. So this is what I decided to use my voucher on.

Across the top and the 2 products on the left are the ESPA Joyful Treats cracker. The 2 products are a full size Nourishing Lip Treatment and a 30ml Limited Edition Nourishing Hand Cream.

In the middle is a box which came free with the order and contained 2 luxury sized samples which are to the right of it. on the left of these is a 15ml Pink Hair and Scalp Mud & on the far right is a 7ml Lift & Firm Moisturiser.

I’ve had a sniff at everything and they smell really good, a bit more herbal than I would usually select but I’m in an experimental mood right now (which should explain all the multi brand calendars this year!lol) so I’m actually looking forward to trying these out in December 😀

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Deliveries 23rd October 2017


What a lot of samples today! So, top left is two lots of Lancome Genifique, one was offered by the brand and the other is a set from the Glamour Beauty Club to test out. After seeing how small the samples are I’m glad I applied for the free ones as well so I can figure out properly how good it is or not.

Below that is a mailer from L’Occitane, I’ve included it here as it came with a sample of Terre de Lumiere Eau de Parfum as you can see.

Top right are perfume samples from Clive Christian’s new Addictivearts range. There are 2 small sprays of perfume in each box, Hypnotic and Euphoric. I’m not sure why they sent 2 but I’m sure I can find a home for the second set 🙂

Finally, bottom right are samples of Calvin Klein’s Obsessed for men and women.