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Deliveries 31st January 2018

I had to do separate photo’s today as there was too much in each surprise to get them in one photo!


First up we have the #triyit box from They are a product discovery club who are currently in a pre-launch phase who send out boxes of goodies free of charge to those who match their brands criteria and this time I was a match! I’m really looking forward to trying these goodies, some I’ll even share with D but the one I can see the best future for is that porridge pot! I must have breakfast to take some tablets each morning and this can be difficult when we go away overnight but this could be an option for me to have a healthy breakfast which tastes great, I’ll be taking this next time we go in a few weeks!


The postman brought me this lovely surprise this morning which has come from a competition I entered with docrafts. These will no doubt come in very handy with my card making, my journal and gift wrapping, I already have a few idea’s 😀

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Deliveries 30th January 2018


I won this 40″ UHD TV from a competition that ran on the Woman’s Weekly site. The prize also includes a years BT TV package which we’ll be sorting out soon.

This prize has actually given me a lot of smiles, not just because it is an amazing prize but also because it is something that D asked me to try to win. Some of you may remember from the occasional post in the past that when D asks me to win a specific prize it generally turns up within 6 months or so. When I started talking to him about re-doing the living room he said I should try to win a new TV, at least 40″ that’s UHD (or 4K if you prefer) and has HDR as well. This TV ticked all his boxes and I know some might think that it happens because I enter more competitions for the items he requests than at other times but I know (and my friends that have met him know too) my husband is an effective good luck charm 😀

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Deliveries 13th January 2018


This arrived as a lovely surprise this morning. It’s a 15ml pot of Omorovicza Midnight Radiance Mask from Space NK. I believe I won it from a competition that ran on the Byrdie website last year. It looks like a gel in the pot and smells really fresh and lovely. After looking it up, it is very similar in use to a product I already use which I’m running out of so it’s great timing for me on its arrival!

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Deliveries 21st December 2017

I’ve had a few deliveries today which each deserved their own photo so please forgive me for the additional images and you needing to scroll to see everything that arrived today 🙂


The first to arrive was this Lakeland Buttermere Hamper which I won from a competition which was published in The Sun newspaper. It’s full of some very tasty treats and luckily I can have a taste of them all as I’m being a little more relaxed on my diet for the next week/10 days 😀


Then this stunning set of bracelets arrived! I was only told I’d won these yesterday, how about that for quality of service especially at this time of year! This is an Annie Haak Lunar bracelet stack which I was lucky enough to win from Good Housekeeping’s competitions. They are absolutely stunning all together, there are 6 separate bracelets included in this and yes, I do have a favourite already 😀


Finally I had this delivery and it is something that has been on my all-time want-to-win list for a few years now. It is a Golden Turkey and I was lucky enough to win it from Woman & Home’s competitions. It was delivered today from Walters Turkeys and it looks amazing, I cant wait to cook it and for us to enjoy it 😀


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Deliveries 7th December 2017


Some days it is very annoying that I can’t share with you some of the items I get sent to evaluate, test or review and today is one as I’ve been sent something I have wanted for a long time but never won so it was a very happy moment to be offered one to test! Anyway, on to deliveries I can share!

On the left, the 4 items are another bargain I found on eBay. I got around to trying the Percy & Reed No Oil Oil and found it makes my hair look really good so I hunted around on eBay to see if I could better the regular price and found this little set. This means I also have 3 more items to try out, the little pot is a dry shampoo paste, there is also a sugar texturizing spray and an instant beach spray too!

On the right is the cuddly captain I won from Birds eye last month, he’s cute and guarding my new shelves currently 🙂

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Deliveries 2nd December 2017

Ohhhhh 2 posts in 1 day 😀 I admit I have had deliveries over the past week to 10 days but I’ve not been able to post them due to them being either gifts for people who might spot the posts or review products which I cant share with you so sorry about that.


The postman was very good to me today as you can see above! On the far left is a recipe booklet I won from Filippo Berio who ran an instant win ‘shake the tree’ game recently. It’s a thin pamphlet but there are some very interesting recipes in it.

Next to that on the top are 2 samples of Britney Spears perfume, I received them via a sample offered from SoPost and the sachet below them came via SoPost as well. This is a sample of John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Deep Conditioner. I normally hate receiving samples in sachets as you never really take scissors into the shower now do you?lol They never seem to tear right for me without scissors but this is a rather large sample within the sachet so hopefully it will tear right, it’s normally the ones with very little in that go really wrong for me!

Finally over on the right is a lovely gift from Sainsbury’s. This came as a brilliant surprise to me this morning, the items they sent are 4 gold chocolate coins, a small packet of gold pearls and a sample tube of Dirty Works creamy body wash. All very nice and appreciated, Thanks Sainsbury’s 😀