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Advent Calendars – Days 24 & 25

Yes I’ve been naughty again and opened doors early but there were only 3 of them with a gift for tomorrow which actually means only 2 really (you’ll understand when you see it!lol)

Day 24

December 24th

ASOS – Foreo Luna Play. This was my whole reason for getting this calendar, I was sad I missed out on one of these when the Look Fantastic one sold out last year so now I get to try it out and hope that it does as good a job as it’s reported to 😀

L’Occitane – Arlesiene eau de Toilette. This is every bit as floral and unappealing to me as the soap was earlier this month, I really hope I can find them a good home and pass them off quickly to someone else (maybe be careful what gifts you open from us over the next few days!)

Look Fantastic – Dr Botanicals Superfood Facial Oil. This is very delicately scented which is really good for me as I’m not keen on rose scents but I have heard rose is great for dry skin so I guess this needs to be tested 🙂

M&S – Pur Correcting Primer Illuminate & Glow. This sounds interesting, unlike the other primers I’ve received this month this one just seems to be a primer so it’ll probably be one of the last I try.

Mrs Brimbles – Planner charm. Well, I think thst’s what it is, it looks like a donut from the Simpsons with a bite taken out of it, I’ll figure some way to use it I’m sure 🙂

You Beauty – The White Company Cassis Mini Home Spray. This smells so good! I’ve been spraying it around this morning already but now I’m going to be good with it and make it last as long as I possibly can 😀


Day 25

December 25th

ASOS – A 20% off code which can only be used on full priced items, I really don’t think I’ll be using this, there are far too many good sales about to start to be bothered with this!

Look Fantastic – Pixi Hello Glow! 3-piece Set. This lovely set contains a duplicate of the Pixi lip lift that I received from the M&S calendar a few days ago but other than that they are all new products and they sound interesting so I’ll be trying them out at some point and seeing what I can do with them 🙂

M&S – M&S Cosmetic Bag. This is a really good size and as with all M&S products it’s made really well too 🙂


So, I guess all that’s left now is to fill that bag up as instructed with my favourite things, how am I ever going to choose those from all the goodies I’ve received this month!

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Advent Calendars – Day 23

Tomorrow I will be doing a double post as some of my calendars have 25 doors/boxes and no-one really wants to read a blog post on Christmas day do they? Also, I don’t really want to be writing one, I’d much rather be spending my time with those people who make life meaningful to me 🙂

December 23rd

ASOS – Luxie Beauty 231 Eye Brush. Beauty tools are always handy especially with how often we should be changing our tools even if you clean them regularly 🙂 This is a very soft brush and it’s so pretty in mostly pink with a copper accent 🙂

L’Occitane – Dry Skin Foot Cream. This is an amazing foot cream, it absorbs in really well and doesn’t leave me with slippery feet which I find great with how clumsy I can be normally 😉

Look Fantastic – Doucce Maxlash Mascara. Another mascara sample to try out which is good, it has a lovely full sized brush which is excellent 🙂

M&S – Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream. This says it makes your skin look like you’ve had 8 hours sleep when you haven’t, that sounds great to me 😀

Mrs Brimbles – Washi Tape.  Dark pink with paler pink spots tape, this could come in handy I guess but it’s not very Christmassy 😦

You Beauty – Kitsch Teardrop Bobby pins. I’ve been looking forward to getting these since I had my hair cut the other week and can now use something like this. I find these particularly exciting since they are not the normal straight dark brown pins and each one is a lovely colour (silver/gold/rose gold) and shape 🙂

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Advent Calendars – Day 22

Today seems to have been a day of doubles!

December 22nd

ASOS – Oskia Renaissance Mask. As I seem to keep saying this year, masks are a good thing to get, they give you a great excuse for a pampering night and they normally do your skin a whole lot of good! This is one of today’s doubles, the other came from the Look Fantastic calendar on day 10 🙂

L’Occitane – Amande Shower oil. This I really don’t like using, I know there are a lot of fans of this product out there but I really am not one of them so this will be finding a new home shortly 🙂

Look Fantastic – High Definition Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette. This is filled with gorgeous shades of brown and cream, you can see them over on my Instagram feed where I have opened this out. This is definitely one to keep 🙂

M&S – Autograph Hydrating Primer. This states on the packaging that it is a confidence boosting primer. Sometimes you just have to love the things these people put on their products! Oh well, lets hope it does the trick 😉

Mrs Brimbles – Stickers. This is yet another repeat from last year (Day 5) sadly. I’m kind of glad this one will be over soon, the other calendars I will miss opening as they have mostly been fabulous products but I’m not going to miss this one and it’s varying levels of disappointment at all!

You Beauty – Ren Skincare Instant Firming Beauty Shot. This is the last double products today, I received this from the M&S calendar on day 17 and it still sounds like a great product.

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Advent Calendars – Day 21

December 21st

ASOS – The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA. Another moisturiser for me to try out which I think is great! I tend to get bored when using the same product over and over so being able to change it up a bit with all these different products is a great way for me to keep up with my skin and make sure I do my best for it 🙂

L’Occitane – Verveine Hand Cream Gel. This is a lovely light hand cream that absorbs really well and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling at all 🙂

Look Fantastic – Magnitone Wipeout! Microfibre Cleansing Cloth.This soft and fluffy cloth reminds me of those things we had for washing our face many years ago, Flannels I believe they were called 😉 OK, this is much softer but it’s the same kind of thing 😀

M&S – Balance Me Rose Face Oil. This has a rollerball applicator and seems to be an alternative to serum. I’ve heard rose is supposed to be very good for really dry skin so even though I’m not keen on the scent, this is something I want to try out 🙂

Mrs Brimbles – I think this is a planner charm?? it is very pretty, it is NOT stationery but I’ll find a use for it somewhere, maybe decorating my new dressing table setup once I get all the other storage bits I’m hoping will be under the tree come Monday morning 😀

You Beauty – Lipcote Browcote waterproof brow sealer. Well, with all the brow products I’ve received this year, this one is really going to come in handy, it’s actually the closest to anything I already use of all of them and that it claims to be able to tame brows, well, that will be tested 😉

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Advent Calendars – Day 20

December 20th

ASOS – Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I love this product and use it every other night as it says to. It feels a little odd at times but I think that’s when it’s doing it’s job and it really does help with keeping the old skin cells at bay 🙂

L’Occitane – Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion. This is my favourite scent of all the ones L’Occitane does and this body lotion has very fine glitter in it which just makes you skin shimmer and shine. It’s a lovely product to use!

Look Fantastic – Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. This sounds perfect for my skin type and I could use some more day creams so this is a nice handy one to get 🙂

M&S – Pixi Lift Max Sheen in Honey. I’m not normally keen on lip plumpers as I hate that stinging sensation but this is such a pretty colour I might give it a go and see if I’m less sensitive to it than I used to be (it has been at least 4-5 years since I last tried one!lol)

Mrs Brimbles – Pretty Planner Stickers Galore. Hmmmmm Ok, so badly drawn and coloured in smiley stickers were in today’s bag. I’m just not impressed with this calendar at all this year 😦

You Beauty – Janina Charcoal Toothpaste. This is one thing I’m really not sure about. I just don’t like the idea of brushing my teeth with charcoal!lol

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Advent Calendars – Day 19

Happy Birthday D! Hope you’re having a lovely day sweetheart 😀

December 19th

ASOS – DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. This doesn’t seem to smell of anything and the instructions sound simple enough so this means something new to try again 🙂

L’Occitane – Milk Soap. This has a really lovely scent and I know from past use it has a really creamy lather and leaves my hands feeling like I’ve used lotion on them as well just after washing them 😀

Look Fantastic – Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy. This has quite a delicate scent, it reminds me of rock pools for some reason but it’s very nice 😀

M&S – Leighton Denny Glitter Nail Polish. This photo really doesn’t do justice to just how glittery and sparkly this nail polish is. It is going to look great over the top of some of the other colours I’ve received lately 😀

Mrs Brimbles – Pen glasses. Ok, yes, this is stationery, the arms of the glasses are pens (both blue ink) but this really isn’t a great object as it’s very flimsy and I found it incredibly easy to break the caps off so I have the pens without the ugly bit as well. Last year the pens were beautiful this year, they are ugly and cheap. All I can do is to warn you all do NOT buy this calendar next year unless they promise it is going back to how it has been the last 2 years, this year is a total waste of the money spent on it.

You Beauty – Gatineau Gentle Silk Cleanser. Cleansers are always useful and this one is a great size to take away with us 🙂

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Advent Calendars – Day 18

December 18th

ASOS – Nude by Nature Natural Glow Loose Bronzer. This is in the shade 01 Bondi Bronze. It doesn’t look too dark but the best bit is the rose gold lid on the pot 😀

L’Occitane – Almond Milk Concentrate. This body cream feels lovely and silky when used but I just have a problem with the scent, for me it’s just too sickeningly sweet but then I have this problem with the whole Almond range but I do know where to find it a good home alongside the friends it brought along in the calendar this year 😉

Look Fantastic – Dr Lipp Miracle Lip Balm. This is the original nipple balm and when you get told that you wonder what it is you’re being given! It turns out it is simply a multi use product with a fab name that brings a snigger 😀

M&S – Ameliorate Skin Transforming Body Lotion. According to D this is not going to transform me into either a unicorn nor a size 10, I wonder what the transformation will be? 😉

Mrs Brimbles – Enamel Dots. Well at least these have a chance at being useful, enamel hearts and bows could work well as gift and envelope seals. I still don’t see them as being stationery however 😦

You Beauty – Skinfix hand repair cream. This sounds amazing and I’m really looking forward to trying this out as I get terribly dry hands as they are very reactive to new products and I know it is my fault they get as bad as they do so it’s nice to have something to help them back to normal again. The reason they get so bad is that once I figured out they are the most reactive skin I have, I started doing all my patch testing on them as it’s the easiest way for me to tell if I am going to have a problem with using a new product either right away or after a buildup of uses 🙂