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Deliveries 18th August 2016


I spoke too soon yesterday about books didn’t I? Oh well, at least these 2 are both from Goodreads as well so I can still keep yesterdays at the top of the pile …… then again, these sound so good too, Oh decisions decisions, I’ll just have to go with reading them in the order they arrived!

All the other goodies are the Gastro Alfresco good box that I won from a competition with Country Living. There are some lovely goodies in there for both of us to share 😀

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Deliveries 17th August 2016


Some rather exciting post today, well, it’s exciting for me anyway 😀

The Bose SoundLink Mini II has come from a competition which ran in Arrowwords earlier this year, I received a letter from them last month letting me know so I’ve been waiting (im)patiently for it to arrive since then. I am rather excited to see how this sounds as it’s our first bit of Bose kit, hopefully not our last if it lives up to expectations 😀

The book has come from a Goodreads giveaway and sounds like a really good read, I’ve put it next on my to-read pile, hopefully nothing will come between now and me finishing my current book to displace it!

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Deliveries 18th Jun 2016


This is another of the books I’ve been lucky enough to win from recently.

Unlike the other books I have received recently (and loved reading) this one is not part of a long running series so I’m not in danger of adding to my huge ‘To-Read’ pile by reading it. The Night Book does sound interesting and I think I’m going to be starting this one later today since I’m not reading anything right now, great timing on delivery then 😀

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Deliveries 15th June 2016


I received this book after winning it in one of the Goodreads giveaways.

After all the crime and vampire books I’ve been reading lately it’ll be a nice change to read something romantic again and this one did interest me.

Like the last one I won, this is a part of a set so if I get on with the writing style and enjoy it I’m going to be adding a whole lot of new books to my wishlist again!

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Deliveries 11th June 2016


I was lucky enough to win a copy of Patricia Cornwell’s book ‘Flesh and Blood’ via a Goodreads giveaway. I’ve not read any of her books yet but have developed a taste for crime fiction over the last few months so I am keen to try this out and if I enjoy it I will have to look into getting the rest of the Kay Scarpetta books of which this seems to be the 22nd! At least that would keep me out of trouble for a while 😉

As a nice surprise the book also came with a lovely t-shirt and bag, I didn’t know these were included as the giveaway didn’t say they were so it was lovely to open the package and find them this morning 😀