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Deliveries 14th October 2017


This generous sample has come via SoPost from a sampling offer that I responded to last week. I know a few of you also applied for this, I hope you get yours today too as it smells and feels amazing!

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Deliveries 29th September 2017


It’s funny but after the number of deliveries I received yesterday I said to a friend that I would be hoping for freebies and surprises to be able to post on here again for a few weeks as I have nothing due and along comes both! This lovely sample is a little different to most perfume ones I’ve received in that I have to pull the tab out of the packet and them squeeze the bottle to try out the scent. It’s so nice to have something different but I don’t want to try it out right now as I fear it will be one use and that might be better used a different day 😀

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Deliveries 23rd September 2017


This beautiful cross stitching kit came as a lovely surprise in the post today. I’ve won it from The World of Cross Stitching and it looks a great kit to work on and it’s the perfect time of year to win something like this for me so I’m really happy with this.

The sachet of Aloe Water is a sample from L’Oreal, it sounds interesting so I’ll look forward to trying that out!

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Deliveries 22nd September 2017


At the top is a sample of Persil’s new product, Powergems and a money off coupon, more laundry products are always handy and I love trying out new ones.

Bottom left are 3 soaps that I purchased from eBay, there are actually 2 Jasmin & Bergamote one is hiding under the other! The other 2 are Bonne Mere soaps in Lemon and Peach.

Above the peach soap is a sample of Philosophy’s purity made simple cleanser.

The other 3 items along the bottom are a sample of Chanel’s new perfume, Gabrielle. I love getting these samples through as it’s a great way of finding out which you could love and which you really couldn’t!

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Deliveries 20th September 2017


At the top is my campaign kit from the Savvy Circle for the latest project that I am a part of. I will be testing and sharing Pantene’s new Micellar range of Shampoo, conditioner and foam conditioner. It smells really nice from the bottle, very delicate, slightly sweet and a little of apples so I’m looking forward to trying it out 🙂

Bottom left is my most amazing win ever! The cheque I was told about a couple of weeks ago has arrived so that’s £3,000 to make life a little easier for us. I have treated myself to a couple of Advent calendars that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. This year I was just going to have one beauty one and the stationery one but receiving this let me treat myself so now I have a lovely Advent to look forwards to!

The picture on the bottom middle/right is a freebie D received today of Shawn Mendes Signature. It’s actually a scented tattoo so that will be interesting to see if he uses it!lol

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Deliveries 11th September 2017


Remember in my post on Thursday about the granola that a delivery had gone missing? Well, it finally turned up today so I informed Dorset Cereals about this and they very generously said to keep it so YAY for a great company that treats customers extremely well!

Under the granola you can see my new pedal bin. I needed a nice little-ish one for our downstairs toilet and found this on one of the sites I gain points on. I had enough points and so traded them in for this and it even came with a little pack of 3 liners for it as well!

Speaking of trading in points, I also received £55 of Amazon voucher codes via email from another site through swapping more points. I’m thinking that’s going to be going on Christmas gifts 😀

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Deliveries 7th September 2017


A few months ago I traded in some of my points on the Dorset Cereals website for a box of this granola. Sadly it never arrived here and I sort of forgot about it until just over a week ago when I contacted them to ask what had happened. They responded by apologising for the delay and said they had resent it along with an extra pack as a thank you for being a loyal customer which is a very nice touch! Today they arrived so here they are, doesn’t that flavour sound amazing!