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Deliveries 2nd December 2017

Ohhhhh 2 posts in 1 day 😀 I admit I have had deliveries over the past week to 10 days but I’ve not been able to post them due to them being either gifts for people who might spot the posts or review products which I cant share with you so sorry about that.


The postman was very good to me today as you can see above! On the far left is a recipe booklet I won from Filippo Berio who ran an instant win ‘shake the tree’ game recently. It’s a thin pamphlet but there are some very interesting recipes in it.

Next to that on the top are 2 samples of Britney Spears perfume, I received them via a sample offered from SoPost and the sachet below them came via SoPost as well. This is a sample of John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Deep Conditioner. I normally hate receiving samples in sachets as you never really take scissors into the shower now do you?lol They never seem to tear right for me without scissors but this is a rather large sample within the sachet so hopefully it will tear right, it’s normally the ones with very little in that go really wrong for me!

Finally over on the right is a lovely gift from Sainsbury’s. This came as a brilliant surprise to me this morning, the items they sent are 4 gold chocolate coins, a small packet of gold pearls and a sample tube of Dirty Works creamy body wash. All very nice and appreciated, Thanks Sainsbury’s 😀

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Deliveries 15th November 2017


The first thing to say is this photo does not do my new winter coat any justice as it is the most gorgeous purple coat I’ve ever seen and I have been lusting after it for months now but the £££ were a bit too many for me to be comfortable with. Happily it just went on about a 40% reduction and I just had to grab one. It fits like a dream, is really warm and the furry hood is just right too! I’m def very happy with this purchase, it’s listed on the site I purchased it from as Joe Browns Perfect Padded Jacket and it totally lives up to that name!

Nestled in the waist of the jacket are 2 freebies that came today via SoPost from Sanctuary Spa. I received the Body Wash and D received the Body Butter. both smell as lovely as Sanctuary products always do 🙂

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Deliveries 11th November 2017


Right in the middle is one of the plates JackpotJoy were giving away to commemorate Paddy McGuinness’ coronation.

The other items are my campaign pack from the Savvy Circle’s Olay campaign. I’m looking forward to trying this out as I’ve tried a few of their products and usually had good experiences with them. I also have some samples to give to friends along with money off coupons. #OlayAgeless

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Deliveries 9th November 2017


This ‘freebie’ came as a lovely surprise today, I was expecting it to be the smaller size like the ones you get in beauty boxes but this seems to be a lot bigger. It’s also a ‘freebie’ as I had to pay for the postage but I was happy to do that as this is going to be added to a bigger gift for someone for Christmas 🙂 I received it by signing up to receive emails from Rituals. There was also the option to collect from a store but I couldn’t find one near enough for us to visit easily.

The other item is a couple of things I’ve been sent to review, I guess you can tell the type of product they are, I’m sure D will enjoy them at some point 😀

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Deliveries 28th October 2017


Some really lovely deliveries have come today!

On the left is a lovely large bottle of Garnier’s Micellar cleansing water. I received this via SoPost from an offering on Garnier’s Instagram. There was originally a choice of 4 but 2 had run out by the time I saw it. I’m really happy with the one I received however as I love this product so probably would have selected it anyway!

The Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner have come from a competition on SuperSavvyMe. I didn’t know which version they were going to send and I was kind of hoping for the coconut one as I love the scent especially in hair care. I’m not disappointed with the ones that have come though as they smell amazing and I cant wait to see how they affect my hair.

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Deliveries 25th October 2017

This actually arrived yesterday after I’d already posted. As it wasn’t due to arrive till tomorrow I decided to add it to today’s arrivals.


This is my You Beauty Advent calendar which we purchased from latestinBeauty. When I first saw this one I didn’t think I wanted it but Paula did an unboxing video of it and I saw exactly what was inside and changed my mind so here it is. I have 2 more ordered that I’m waiting to be delivered and I’m still thinking about the M&S one as there are a few products in it that I would really like to try out.

Now onto today’s actual deliveries:


This is my order from Superdrug. On top are the boring parts, insoles and a bag that came free with them. Underneath though are most of the items I’m using to make an advent calendar for D. We have looked at the ones available for men but they have far too many products that he would not use. My husband really is a man who doesn’t enjoy using products but that’s fine with me, he’ll never ‘borrow’ any of mine 😉