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Advent Calendars – Day 2


From the Mrs Brimbles Advent Calendar I received a gorgeous pen, it has a crown on the top and a barber shop style scrolling down it. It writes really nicely in blue ink and again, I’m thrilled by it, there’s nothing nicer than a good pen sometimes 😀

From the M&S calendar I received a tube of Rodial’s Super Acids x-treme acid rush peel. I think I’m going to have to research on how to use this and what it does to decide if I want to try it or hand it over to someone else but seriously, acids on your face? That just doesn’t sound good to me :-S

D got a coconut lindor from his calendar this morning, he then confessed to nearly buying me a box of them the other night ….. NEARLY??? *sobs* he he

From the L’Occitane calendar I received a sample of their Ultra Rich Body Lotion, it has a very cute but tiny flip top and it smells amazing so I’ll be trying this one out soon.

Finally, opening the Sanctuary advent calendar, I found a bottle of their White lily and Damask rose body lotion. This has a nice smell and is lovely and thick which my skin loves, even though it can be a lot of effort to get it out of the bottle when it’s cold 😀

So, another day done and I’m still really excited by these calendars and really happy with what is coming out of them 😀

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Deliveries 17th November 2016


I’ve been shopping again! With my Christmas obsession growing each year we decided it was about time to get a seasonal duvet set and I found this one in the right size and a good price too so D got it for me.

We were also looking at Christmas jumpers when I found they’ve started making really nice Christmas T-Shirts as well this year. Both of us find jumpers too hot most of the time so we decided on some T-Shirts for a couple of things we have on next month. The one you can see best is D’s one, I have 2 hiding under that 😀

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Deliveries 11th November 2016


Another day of exciting post!

This is my Mrs Brimbles Stationery Advent Box and isn’t it cute! Unlike most other advent calendars this one is a series of paper bags, each one with it’s day number on a sticker holding the bag closed. I’ve seen these displayed by pegging them along string and they look really pretty like that but I am going to pile them all up at the base of our little tree and then, when the legs of that tree are finally revealed, it will be nearly time to open the gifts under the big/main tree 😀

For now though, the best place for this is high on a shelf where only D can reach it as I have little self control, especially over something like this and I really cant wait to see what everything is (yes, I have already given each ‘parcel’ a thorough fingertip inspection 😉

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Deliveries 25th June 2016


Last month I received an email letting me know that I had been lucky and won a £100 voucher for Tattered Lace from Crafts Beautiful. I received the voucher code a little over a week ago and today my order arrived.

After having looked around the website I decided that the first thing I wanted was one of their offers which included the Tote bag, a mystery die and embossing folder, the shades pad, pokey tool, metal tips, glue and applicators and all that for under £40 instead of over £80! After that I figured I could use something to store the embossing folders in that I seem to be collecting now and this one looked nice then I decided that with the next big thing on our calendar being Christmas I should really look at some die’s and embossing folders that I could use for this and I found some I liked then I finally decided to round my shopping spree off with a pack of card & paper. After adding all that to my basket I found I received free shipping and a free pack of 10 mini dies (which are very cute!) so I got all of this for nothing as my basket was 5p under the voucher I won.

I’m very impressed with the quality of the products I have received and am looking forward to unpacking my machine and getting started on making our Christmas cards for this year 😀

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Thank you and Merry Christmas

I’ve been trying to write a thank you post for a while now but I can never seem to figure out how to say what I mean to so I really understand if you stop reading right here, go out and do something more interesting instead (and how many of you remember that TV show?lol)

My message of thanks is to those of my friends who are still there. I know sometimes it can be difficult to be friends with someone who has as many issues as I do and this year has been a rough one for me but I feel that I’ve turned the corner and I know I’m getting through it and back to feeling able to be around other people again. Thank you for still being there now after the times when I have been quiet and withdrawn from you, it is nothing that anyone has done, just sometimes life gets far too much for me and I need to take time off from it all. It’s good to know that some people can understand this without being told and that the friendship we have is strong enough to still be there after a quiet time.

I know there has been a lot of press coverage about mental health problems over the last year or so but there are still a lot of people, myself included, who can (mostly) cope with life and dont want to burden anyone with our problems, especially those we care about. But actually sitting here and writing this out, it feels like I’m letting go of some of that pressure that builds up inside me but without dumping it all on anyone, it’s kind of like I’m releasing it out into the universe, away from anywhere it can cause harm and so, I might publish again about this, about how I am and how things are going because it might help me to open up a little, well, it cant hurt now can it? 🙂

And finally, I’d love to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, anyone who knows me knows this is my favourite time of year, I just love the twinkling lights and the many feel good movies. I hope you all find some peace at this time and that you get all you wish for and deserve from the New Year.