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Deliveries 26th October 2017


I know this isn’t the best of photographs but it’s a review product so it’s the best I can do and it has to be one of the most exciting as it could be anything inside there πŸ˜‰

On a side note, I finished the advent that I was putting together for D with those bits that arrived yesterday and some I had already, you can take a look at it over on my Instagram if you’re interested πŸ™‚ I’m almost decided about what to do with my Advent unboxings this year, I think I’m going to go back to doing an Instagram each day rather than the blog post as I did last year so if you want to see what I unbox this year follow me over there as well πŸ˜€

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Deliveries 26th September 2017


I was a woman on a mission last week! My favourite intensive conditioner was on a fab deal ages ago so I bulk bought it and sadly hit my last tub so I started to look around to try and buy some more. Imagine my horror to find it’s not sold in the UK any more! Luckily I found it on Amazon, I think the packaging is in German but it smells just as good as always πŸ˜€

While I was on Amazon I figured I’d get some more books to make sure to receive free delivery so I hit my wishlist and added these 3 in. Hopefully I’ll get around to them soon πŸ˜€

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I know it’s only September but …..

I really have to start talking about one of the best parts of Christmas – Advent Calendars! I’m not talking the sort we had as kids with a chocolate behind each door but ones with lovely things hidden away be it beauty products, stationery or even alcohol there are calendars out there these days for everyone. I even found one last year with pork scratchings behind each door!

As many of you know I had my first one 2 years ago. I didn’t realise these things existed so I was really late at finding them and didn’t have many options. The one I got was the M&S one where you spend an amount in the store within certain departments and get the calendar at a price much reduced from the RRP of it’s contents. I really did enjoy it and that is why I had it again last year and the only reason I’m not having it this year is that a lot of the contents look similar to last years even though the box is fabulous! This is what my first one looked like:

2015 M&S Advent

Last year I started to look earlier in the year and found an amazing blog post by a lovely lady called Paula. She listed all of the advent calendars available and even posted some video’s showing her opening a few of them and letting us all know what was in them. I know some of you might not like knowing but with so many on the market it makes selecting the right one for you a lot easier and at least 1 does keep their contents a big secret! Thankfully Paula has written a similar post again this year so head over to read her Beauty Advent Calendar Guide 2017 and see if there are any you like the sound of just make sure to go back a few times as she keeps adding new ones as they get released!

With there being so many calendars out there you need to think about what you personally like. With me I love the L’Occitane brand but other than that I’m open to trying new things but I’m not keen on too many cosmetics, I prefer more toiletries and skin care products. Last year I had 3 beauty calendars (L’Occitane, M&S and Sanctuary) and a stationery one (Mrs Brimbles) which worked quite well for me. I loved 3 of them which is why I’m having 2 of them again this year. The other 2 I’m replacing with ones that had either sold out by the time I was looking or didn’t have enough interesting products in them for me. So these are the ones I had last year:


This year I will be having the Mrs Brimbles stationery advent calendar again as I really loved that, all those cute things to find and use all year and they still make me smile πŸ™‚

I am also having a L’Occitane calendar again, I think I know which one as they have 2 this year but one of them has more products that I already know I wouldn’t use in it so I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting the other.

The third one I am having is the Look Fantastic one and I already have this pre-ordered as it sells out quickly normally! I have no idea what is in this one as they do not release the exact contents but looking at previous years this has contained an amazing collection of products so I can’t wait especially with how cute it looks!

Finally I have just ordered the ASOS calendar. I was tempted by this one last year but there was just too many cosmetics or it seemed like there were for me so I went with something else instead. This year I haven’t been able to resist!

And that is where I am right now, waiting for 1 more to be released (I know some websites have it out already but I need a few bits off the L’Occitane website so I’m going to be patient) and 3 to be delivered at some point between now and the middle of November. I hope you can forgive me for a thread about Advent in September but I just get so excited when the calendars start being released and wanted to share some of my sparkles with you all!

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Deliveries 12th September 2017


I’m so sorry to mention the ‘C’ word but D has been Christmas shopping (with my help) and we managed to find some DS games I have been trying to get for a while now at a really good price. There are 4 more under the 2 you can see, I put these on top as they are my favourites since with them I have all of the main story games, the ranger games and the Mystery Dungeon ones. Well, until 17th November I do anyway when another pair of main games are released πŸ˜€ The other 4 are from the My Sims and Bomberman series of games.

At the bottom is a carefully disguised trial product which D will be helping me with at some point this week.

One thing I’ve started doing recently is to keep a list of every package I know we are expecting and by when. It is going to make my life so much easier over the next few months with all the pre-ordering I have been doing but more on that in another blog post to come over the next few days πŸ˜‰

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Deliveries 6th April 2017


Sometimes I find that wins come at exactly the right moment and this one certainly did. One of the things D has wanted me to try to win is a PS4 as he has a few grumbles with them (such as them not being backwards compatible) which meant neither of us could see the point in paying out to upgrade our PS3’s. Anyway, 4 days before our 1st wedding anniversary I received another message from Walkers on Twitter to say I’d won something via theirΒ  promotion (I assumed it was another football at first) so I hoped over to my DM’s and stared shocked at the screen as I tried to take in that I had won a PS4 (and download code for Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2017). Once I had I decided that it would make a nice surprise extra gift for D for our anniversary so I made a little card and put it inside the gift I had for him already. He was surprised when he found out and very pleased and when it arrived he was really happy so now we have to get some games for him, he’s got me Lego Dimensions with the Fantastic Beasts packs for my Birthday so I just have to wait for him to connect it all up which will hopefully be over the weekend πŸ˜€

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Deliveries 24th February 2017

As many of you know I’ve spent much of this year so far in the hospital and for a while in the future I will be too as they try to figure out just what is wrong with me. At some point I may write a post about my experiences but right now it doesn’t make much sense to me so I’ve no idea how to make it make sense for anyone who reads this! I have made a decision to try and get back to normal even with all this madness going on in the background and so starting doing my deliveries posts again is a step on the road back to my life so here goes πŸ˜€


I received this razor from Wilkinson Sword. I’m not sure exactly if it’s a win, freebie or trial product due to the email I received stating “Remember that Wilkinson Sword trial you applied for? You won!” but whichever it is, it will come in handy, good razors always do πŸ˜€