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Deliveries 19th December 2018

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!


I won these goodies from Lipcote & Co on Instagram yesterday, isn’t that impressive delivery speeds this time of year! What you can see on the left is the Latest in Beauty Party Prep Edition Beauty Box and alongside that Lipcote kindly sent me their products as well so I received another Browcote (which is great as I use this often with my brows!) and a lipcote which I have used on and off for as long as I can remember!

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Deliveries 29th November 2018

It’s so close to Advent! I really cant wait to start opening my calendars this year, you can see them and what I open/unwrap each day over on my Instagram page


I won these amazing goodies from Fenwick over on Instagram. They ran a competition where you could win a bundle for you and for the friend you tagged so half of the above goodies will soon be making their way north up to the person I tagged in my entry. I really hope she loves them as much as I do, the scent is amazing!



The Clif bar I received via a sampling opportunity from SendMeASample, I think this will be something for D and his walking!

The Bar of Dairy Milk I received from my lovely husband sending me a secret santa gift which he won from CadburyUK on Twitter. I know this is how it arrived as I won one as well and have sent mine to him!

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Deliveries 2nd February 2018


These lovely samples arrived today, I know the bottom one came via a SoPost sampling but I’m not sure about the top one! Anyway, up top I have samples of Alien EDP and Alien Flora Futura, I haven’t opened them to smell them yet but they feel like they have some towelettes inside the packaging. I’m hoping they do as I love it when I receive perfume samples this way 😀

Below that is a small bottle of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair which from the directions for use seems to be a serum type product. I love a good serum so am looking forward to trying this one out 🙂


Now we come to my other delivery today, I’m putting the picture under the description for a few reasons, I hope none of you mind 🙂 Over the weekend I found a bundle of beauty items on eBay which were a bit disguised (all upside down or covered by other items), it was easy to make out a few of the products that I am very familiar with but most I couldn’t even guess at but I counted around 30 items and with those I knew were there I placed a bid I was happy with.

I won the auction and the items arrived here today – I am totally blown away with what I have received. There are loads more items than I expected – 61 in fact! Yes there are some duplicates but that’s not a problem, not even the 4 identical brushes as I’m sure that whatever I decide I can’t use, someone in our families will find a home for 😉 Also, the observant among you might notice all of the items I received in my Tili box last November are there, these are the items I noticed and based my bid upon and the ones I wanted most as the box did live up to it’s name of ‘Try it, Love it’ 😀



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Deliveries 18th January 2018


The postman has been nice to me again today. Both of these have come from a sampling via SoPost.

First I have a Sanctuary Spa Charcoal Bubble sheet mask, this sounded so interesting when I found the offer of a sample. I’ve heard good things about the use of charcoal in skincare BUT not so good ones about those painful charcoal masks, hopefully this will be good for my skin without any of the pain 🙂

Also I received this lovely sounding strawberry ‘milkshake’ made by Boost Drinks and packed with extra protein. I have always loved a milkshake but since being on my diet they have become a self banned food, I just can’t handle losing that many points in a drink!lol But this is a good way of compromising. Adding in the extra protein is good for my body and I’ve found having protein rich foods helps to keep me fuller for longer which is always great on any eating plan! So, as long as this tastes good, I might just have to buy some more for when I deserve a treat 🙂

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Deliveries 16th January 2018


These lovely goodies have come via a SoPost sampling and are Glamglow’s Galacticleanse and Thirstymud. As you can see from the included leaflet there was a choice of 2 options with this offer of samples, I chose the ones which seemed better for my skin and am looking forward to testing them out over the next few days 🙂

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Deliveries 13th January 2018


This arrived as a lovely surprise this morning. It’s a 15ml pot of Omorovicza Midnight Radiance Mask from Space NK. I believe I won it from a competition that ran on the Byrdie website last year. It looks like a gel in the pot and smells really fresh and lovely. After looking it up, it is very similar in use to a product I already use which I’m running out of so it’s great timing for me on its arrival!

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Advent Calendars – Days 24 & 25

Yes I’ve been naughty again and opened doors early but there were only 3 of them with a gift for tomorrow which actually means only 2 really (you’ll understand when you see it!lol)

Day 24

December 24th

ASOS – Foreo Luna Play. This was my whole reason for getting this calendar, I was sad I missed out on one of these when the Look Fantastic one sold out last year so now I get to try it out and hope that it does as good a job as it’s reported to 😀

L’Occitane – Arlesiene eau de Toilette. This is every bit as floral and unappealing to me as the soap was earlier this month, I really hope I can find them a good home and pass them off quickly to someone else (maybe be careful what gifts you open from us over the next few days!)

Look Fantastic – Dr Botanicals Superfood Facial Oil. This is very delicately scented which is really good for me as I’m not keen on rose scents but I have heard rose is great for dry skin so I guess this needs to be tested 🙂

M&S – Pur Correcting Primer Illuminate & Glow. This sounds interesting, unlike the other primers I’ve received this month this one just seems to be a primer so it’ll probably be one of the last I try.

Mrs Brimbles – Planner charm. Well, I think thst’s what it is, it looks like a donut from the Simpsons with a bite taken out of it, I’ll figure some way to use it I’m sure 🙂

You Beauty – The White Company Cassis Mini Home Spray. This smells so good! I’ve been spraying it around this morning already but now I’m going to be good with it and make it last as long as I possibly can 😀


Day 25

December 25th

ASOS – A 20% off code which can only be used on full priced items, I really don’t think I’ll be using this, there are far too many good sales about to start to be bothered with this!

Look Fantastic – Pixi Hello Glow! 3-piece Set. This lovely set contains a duplicate of the Pixi lip lift that I received from the M&S calendar a few days ago but other than that they are all new products and they sound interesting so I’ll be trying them out at some point and seeing what I can do with them 🙂

M&S – M&S Cosmetic Bag. This is a really good size and as with all M&S products it’s made really well too 🙂


So, I guess all that’s left now is to fill that bag up as instructed with my favourite things, how am I ever going to choose those from all the goodies I’ve received this month!