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Deliveries 24th February 2017

As many of you know I’ve spent much of this year so far in the hospital and for a while in the future I will be too as they try to figure out just what is wrong with me. At some point I may write a post about my experiences but right now it doesn’t make much sense to me so I’ve no idea how to make it make sense for anyone who reads this! I have made a decision to try and get back to normal even with all this madness going on in the background and so starting doing my deliveries posts again is a step on the road back to my life so here goes 😀


I received this razor from Wilkinson Sword. I’m not sure exactly if it’s a win, freebie or trial product due to the email I received stating “Remember that Wilkinson Sword trial you applied for? You won!” but whichever it is, it will come in handy, good razors always do 😀

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A book quest

Way back in June I was lucky enough to win a book by Patricia Cornwell called ‘Flesh and Blood’. It was the 22nd in the Kay Scarpetta series of books but I was reliably informed that you could read it as a stand alone but no-one thought to tell me I would then become hooked on them and would spend the next few months seeking out the first 21 of them!

With places like Amazon and eBay it sounds a simple task at first glance but some of the books are quite old and I really didn’t like the prices they were charging. I was sure if I took my time I could find them all at prices I was more happy with and I’m very happy to say that I was right.


I know there are 2 missing (23 & 24) but they are on my Christmas wish list 😀

The first place I started looking was due to receiving an email with a good offer. The Works normally have a great selection of paperbacks at a price of 6 for £10 which is really good but I managed to get them on a weekend when they offered 8 for £10 and so picked up my first few. After getting disheartened on Amazon and eBay I then decided a good place to check would be charity shops and so D & I spent a few weekends trawling around the ones we have locally and like most small towns and villages these days, we have many!

I did notice that most of them sell books between 50p and £1 however I did find that one in particular (not naming names but think of a green logo) had books double that and above and 1 book was priced at more than a new copy from Amazon costs! So be warned and do your research if you’re thinking about doing something similar, luckily they only had one of the books I was after and it was at the lower end of their scale! Charity shops can be a great resource but not all of them have the same pricing structure and sometimes it is worth walking away and trying the next one you come across.

Finally I was down to my last 4 needed so I decided to go back and try once more online. Amazon had them but 2 had quite expensive postage which put me off. I then found all 4 from a seller on eBay and they were good prices with free postage and an offer for buying 5 and gaining a discount so I found another book I had been searching for and put in my order.

Now I have the first 22 books and have compelted my quest to find them all. I have just finished reading the first, I know I’m hooked already but the rest are going to have to wait for a while as I have Christmas books to read and films to watch as well as lots of plans and preparations to make as it is mine and D’s first Christmas as a Mr & Mrs and I really want to make it a special one.

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Nectar Points – Why I love them!

I know most people are the same as I was a few years ago and just hand a nectar card over when asked to each time it’s asked for when shopping in Sainsburys. This changed for me a while ago when Sainsburys announced they were halving the number of points you would get just from shopping (from 2 points per £1 spent to 1) but that they would give other ways to make more points and that you could get many more points this way, I kind of accepted this as a challenge and set out to see just how many points we could get.

Firstly you have to understand that D and I have always had our own cards but they are linked to one account so any points either of us earn are added to a pool and similarly for those we spend as well.

I started off by checking the nectar app on my phone and found there were normally some offers there that we could take advantage of, there still are, I currently get 10 points just for signing in each week and we both have a challenge that we get double points for a number of shops with 100 bonus points on the last one within a time limit. There’s also one which comes up quite often that we like, 200 bonus points for any spend at a Sainsbury’s local so when that one is active we just detour and get milk from there instead. It doesn’t take us out of our way much and we always buy something we were going to anyway and as this normally appears on both cards at the same time, it’s a nice bonus to have.

I also noticed that Sainsburys gave away a lot more till spits than they used to and a lot of these were for things we used so I made sure they went with us each time we go shopping, I know some people complain they forget to use them and would like Sainsburys to do it for them but come on, take responsibility for yourself and if you really cant then go to Sainsbury’s My coupons (it’s linked at the bottom of their homepage) and load some to your card before you go and just miss out on those you forget about.

Anyway, now on to the reason for this post, this weekend is a double up on spending your points so points that are normally worth £10 can be exchanged for vouchers for £20 in certain departments within Sainsburys up to £20 points traded to a £40 voucher per department per card. This is the haul we have just come home with, it cost us 24000 nectar points and £8.50


What you can see here is £40 of Seasonal goods, £40 of Entertainment, £80 of clothing and £80 of taste the Difference wine and as I said £8.50 spread over all the departments where our purchases were slightly more than the voucher we had swapped for. For those wondering about the £40 limit and me saying we have £80 of things from some departments, well, that is because the £40 limit is per card not per account so we had a £40 voucher from each card.

Now, I know that it might seem these are freebies (small amount of cash paid aside) but I dont really view them as such. I always think that with Sainsburys giving out Nectar points, they must raise the prices by a fraction of a penny on everything to cover it knowing that a lot of people will either never use their points or wont take full advantage of every offer you can to maximise your reward for being loyal to them.

So, yes, I love Nectar points and hope to be able to save more and more with them in the future. Oh, and if you’re interested, we saved all those points up since we emptied our account at the double-up at the end of March this year 😉

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In/Out are shaking my brain about!

This time next week all of us here in the UK (and some who aren’t) have to decide on something rather important that ‘might’ affect the rest of our lives but a lot of us still don’t know which way we are going to vote. This isn’t a post trying to get anyone to vote one way or the other, this is just for me to explain how I will decide how I will vote, once I really have to.

There has been a lot said by both sides in the press that really isn’t true and a lot taken out of context but since both sides are doing it who can complain about it other than us voters who just want the truth? Sadly in this case I believe the truth of the matter is that no-one knows what will happen if we vote to leave the EU. Both sides are projecting what might happen, some of it very good and some quite bad but, the only thing we know for sure is that if we vote remain then things will stay as they are. If you’re happy with all the power the EU has over our daily lives and think that they’re doing a good job for us Brit’s then vote to stay, if you’re not sure, like I’m not, then would leaving actually be as bad as the remain campaigners are claiming it would be?

I think that is how I will decide on the day, when I’m stood in the booth with the paper infront of me I will think about all the choices the EU has taken away from me and us, think about what life has been like as a member of the EU and if after considering what it has meant to be a member I decide that uncertainty actually sounds better than what we currently have, then that is how I will mark my X.




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Getting back to normal at last!

After all the excitement 11 weeks ago now, it finally feels time to get back to normal and get back into a routine with my life. All the wedding odds and ends have been completed, thank you’s have been sent, photo’s ordered, delivered and put into frames and albums and finally momento’s have been packed away in the wedding trunks. We were incredibly fortunate to have a lovely day without any issues, a couple of guests couldn’t make it at the last minute and they were missed but it was the most amazing day even so.

One I will never forget.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting back to normal, catching up with everything, well as much as I can anyway and now I figured it was time to start this again and see where I end up this time. The future seems to be a very exciting time/place to me right now 😀

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Thank you and Merry Christmas

I’ve been trying to write a thank you post for a while now but I can never seem to figure out how to say what I mean to so I really understand if you stop reading right here, go out and do something more interesting instead (and how many of you remember that TV show?lol)

My message of thanks is to those of my friends who are still there. I know sometimes it can be difficult to be friends with someone who has as many issues as I do and this year has been a rough one for me but I feel that I’ve turned the corner and I know I’m getting through it and back to feeling able to be around other people again. Thank you for still being there now after the times when I have been quiet and withdrawn from you, it is nothing that anyone has done, just sometimes life gets far too much for me and I need to take time off from it all. It’s good to know that some people can understand this without being told and that the friendship we have is strong enough to still be there after a quiet time.

I know there has been a lot of press coverage about mental health problems over the last year or so but there are still a lot of people, myself included, who can (mostly) cope with life and dont want to burden anyone with our problems, especially those we care about. But actually sitting here and writing this out, it feels like I’m letting go of some of that pressure that builds up inside me but without dumping it all on anyone, it’s kind of like I’m releasing it out into the universe, away from anywhere it can cause harm and so, I might publish again about this, about how I am and how things are going because it might help me to open up a little, well, it cant hurt now can it? 🙂

And finally, I’d love to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, anyone who knows me knows this is my favourite time of year, I just love the twinkling lights and the many feel good movies. I hope you all find some peace at this time and that you get all you wish for and deserve from the New Year.