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Deliveries 8th December 2017


It’s D’s birthday in 11 days time and he asked for a new exercise bike this year. I found this one on a good offer from Argos so, since it was expensive enough to qualify for being a protected purchase, I transferred the money to him and asked him to buy it on his card. I know this means he knows what he’s getting but I also have a little something to go with this that he doesn’t know about and he’s a very happy person right now & I have the joy of knowing I can get him to help build it this weekend to check that everything that should be there is 😉

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Deliveries 7th December 2017


Some days it is very annoying that I can’t share with you some of the items I get sent to evaluate, test or review and today is one as I’ve been sent something I have wanted for a long time but never won so it was a very happy moment to be offered one to test! Anyway, on to deliveries I can share!

On the left, the 4 items are another bargain I found on eBay. I got around to trying the Percy & Reed No Oil Oil and found it makes my hair look really good so I hunted around on eBay to see if I could better the regular price and found this little set. This means I also have 3 more items to try out, the little pot is a dry shampoo paste, there is also a sugar texturizing spray and an instant beach spray too!

On the right is the cuddly captain I won from Birds eye last month, he’s cute and guarding my new shelves currently 🙂

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Deliveries 2nd December 2017

Ohhhhh 2 posts in 1 day 😀 I admit I have had deliveries over the past week to 10 days but I’ve not been able to post them due to them being either gifts for people who might spot the posts or review products which I cant share with you so sorry about that.


The postman was very good to me today as you can see above! On the far left is a recipe booklet I won from Filippo Berio who ran an instant win ‘shake the tree’ game recently. It’s a thin pamphlet but there are some very interesting recipes in it.

Next to that on the top are 2 samples of Britney Spears perfume, I received them via a sample offered from SoPost and the sachet below them came via SoPost as well. This is a sample of John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Deep Conditioner. I normally hate receiving samples in sachets as you never really take scissors into the shower now do you?lol They never seem to tear right for me without scissors but this is a rather large sample within the sachet so hopefully it will tear right, it’s normally the ones with very little in that go really wrong for me!

Finally over on the right is a lovely gift from Sainsbury’s. This came as a brilliant surprise to me this morning, the items they sent are 4 gold chocolate coins, a small packet of gold pearls and a sample tube of Dirty Works creamy body wash. All very nice and appreciated, Thanks Sainsbury’s 😀

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Deliveries 23rd November 2017


This is my Tili box from QVC. It’s available roughly every other month at a price of £20 (no p&p) and unlike most beauty boxes, there is no subscription, you just purchase the ones you like the look of (and multi purchase ones you think are great value from what I’ve seen on social media!) The contents of this box are:


Top row L-R

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Hydrogel Mask (Blue packet at the back)

Laura Geller Lash Boss Mascara

Nails Inc Nail Polish in Rose Bellini (exclusive shade to this box)

Korres Water Lily Blossom Shower Gel


Bottom row L-R

Percy & Reed Volumising No No Oil

Pixi Glow Booster

Bio-Extracts Glow Boost

Philosophy Purity Cleanser

Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask

Decleor Aroma Cleanse 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator

Taya Red Clay Naturals Miracle Balm


That all seems like a pretty good variety to me, some brands I know well, some I’m looking forward to trying out and some I’ve not heard of before. Tili actually stands for ‘Try it, Love it’ which sounds like a pretty good idea to me now my box is here!

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Deliveries 20th November 2017


This is my latest purchase from eBay. I found a few large sample sized products on there from brands I’m interested in trying and this is one of the packs I actually managed to win! The main product I was interested in is the Caudalie Vinoperfect concentrated brightening essence which sounds really good from the write up and reviews I have read. There was also a Caudalie Vinoperfect radiance complexion correcting serum which I am currently using (always handy to have a travel size!) and a Caudalie Vinosource moisturizing sorbet which sounds interesting. I’m really looking forward to trying these out and for my other products to arrive 😀

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Deliveries 15th November 2017


The first thing to say is this photo does not do my new winter coat any justice as it is the most gorgeous purple coat I’ve ever seen and I have been lusting after it for months now but the £££ were a bit too many for me to be comfortable with. Happily it just went on about a 40% reduction and I just had to grab one. It fits like a dream, is really warm and the furry hood is just right too! I’m def very happy with this purchase, it’s listed on the site I purchased it from as Joe Browns Perfect Padded Jacket and it totally lives up to that name!

Nestled in the waist of the jacket are 2 freebies that came today via SoPost from Sanctuary Spa. I received the Body Wash and D received the Body Butter. both smell as lovely as Sanctuary products always do 🙂

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Deliveries 11th November 2017


Right in the middle is one of the plates JackpotJoy were giving away to commemorate Paddy McGuinness’ coronation.

The other items are my campaign pack from the Savvy Circle’s Olay campaign. I’m looking forward to trying this out as I’ve tried a few of their products and usually had good experiences with them. I also have some samples to give to friends along with money off coupons. #OlayAgeless