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Deliveries 16th October 2017


This lovely little sample has come from the Glamour Beauty Club via SoPost. I tried a tiny amount on my hand and it smells amazing and absorbs really well, I’m looking forward to seeing how it works on my face later 😀

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Deliveries 15th October 2017


These rather tasty looking bottles of Apothic. Red have come from The Insiders, both D & I are looking forward to discovering our dark side with them over the next few weeks!

The green thing you can just about make out top left is something I’ve been sent to trial, it should be quite interesting 😀

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Deliveries 13th October 2017


I won these absolutely gorgeous pouches from a competition that ran on InStyle’s competition pages. They are Emm Kuo’s La Dolce Vita and Good Vibes pouches. Sadly the photo doesn’t do them justice, they are beautifully painted and the leather is just so soft, I’m really looking forward to using them 😀

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Deliveries 10th October 2017


I am SO excited about this delivery! Thanks to Paula for writing her post about all the Beauty Advent Calendars available this year I chose this one from Look Fantastic and had it pre-ordered in case it sold out as quickly as it has done other years! It hasn’t sold out so far if you are interested in getting one too (Paula has posted a video on YouTube with the contents if you are curious about what is inside those amazing looking doors!) So I have 1 more I know being delivered and 1 more to try to decide upon. There are 2/3 I’m looking into but I already can’t wait for December the 1st to start opening doors, drawers and boxes!

Beside the calendar is a small box of Cadbury’s Roses which were sent to me from a Friend via an app that Cadbury’s ran on Twitter. After yesterday’s good news with my diet and exercise I’m keeping these for a special occasion, maybe Christmas!

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Deliveries 29th September 2017


It’s funny but after the number of deliveries I received yesterday I said to a friend that I would be hoping for freebies and surprises to be able to post on here again for a few weeks as I have nothing due and along comes both! This lovely sample is a little different to most perfume ones I’ve received in that I have to pull the tab out of the packet and them squeeze the bottle to try out the scent. It’s so nice to have something different but I don’t want to try it out right now as I fear it will be one use and that might be better used a different day 😀