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Advent Calendars – Day 17


On the left is a bottle of Amande shower oil from my L’Occitane calendar. I’ve been curious about this product since I first heard about it so I was really pleased to find a sample of it to try, now I have to hope it doesn’t leave an oil slick in the bottom of the shower that becomes dangerous :-S

Next to that is D’s lindor of the day which today is the hazelnut one again

In the middle is an elephant shaped magnetic bookmark ballpen from my Mrs Brimbles calendar. I love magnetic bookmarks, with how clumsy I am I find them amazing for when I drop my books as normal bookmarks can fly out of where they are and I lose my place. With magnetic ones they grip the page I’m on and I’ve never had one fall out yet no matter how many times I drop them!

To the right of that is a tube of REN evercalm global protection day cream from my M&S calendar. It sounds interesting but there is no obvious mention of SPF so that’s something I’ll need to research on this one.

Finally on the right is a tube of Radiance exfoliator from my Sanctuary calendar, it smells lovely šŸ™‚


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