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Advent Calendars – Day 16


Underneath everything at the top is a useful wash mitt from my Sanctuary calendar today

On the left is D’s lindor of the day and he got a Strawberry & cream one today

Next to that is a tube of Philip Kingsley Elasticizer from my M&S calendar. I had a tube of this from last years calendar, it smells lovely and makes my hair feel good so that’s another winner 🙂

Next to that is a bottle of Cherry Blossom shimmering lotion from my L’Occitane calendar, and it really does shimmer, there seems to be some really fine glitter in it so it’s perfect for this time of year! I also love this scent, I even think I might prefer it to verbena which has always been my favourite, I guess getting this calendar and forcing myself to try their other varieties has been really good for me!

Finally on the right we have some paperclips from my Mrs Brimbles calendar, being half heart shapes, very useful and potentially a lot of fun too and in a lovely little bag which will get used for something else too 🙂


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