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Advent Calendars – Day 12


On the left is a bottle of Immortelle essential water from my L’Occitane calendar, it’s a facial toner for anyone who hasn’t heard of it. I’ve not tried much of the L’Occitane facial skin care range so I have been looking forward to getting this and seeing how it works for me.

Next to that is another very cute pack of sticky notes from my Mrs Brimbles calendar so I’m thrilled again this morning with this one. Like the last pack this one has a motto on the packet, this one was on the back and much easier to read. It says: “You will achieve everything you want if you work hard” 😀

To the right of that is a mini powder brush from my M&S calendar, new brushes are always useful and this one feels really nice.

On the right at the bottom is another tea light candle from the Sanctuary Spa calendar.

Above that is D’s lindor of the day and today we have another new one, this one has a milk chocolate outer shell filled with a white chocolate filling – that sounds very yummy to me!


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