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Advent Calendars – Day 10


At the front is the gorgeous pen which was in my Mrs Brimbles calendar today. It writes with blue ink and is very comfortable in the hand. The writing on it says ‘Your happy story’ so I think this will have to go with the journal I’m planning on keeping next year, it seems right šŸ™‚

On the Left is D’s Lindor of the day and we’re back on red (milk chocolate) again today.

Next to that is a tube of Ultra Rich Face Cream from my L’Occitane calendar.This smells wonderful and even with how thick it is, it felt really refreshing going on so I’m going to have to investigate this for future purchase šŸ™‚

Next to that is another nail colour from the M&S calendar, it feels a bit odd to have both nail colours on consecutive days especially with how similar they are. This one being a plainer version of the one from yesterday and also a gel type.

Finally there is a mini nail file from the Sanctuary calendar. Sadly this was held in place with a big blob of unforgiving glue so the back side is pretty badly ripped up. I’m finding myself getting more and more disappointed with this calendar as the days pass, it’s only little niggles with it, like this glue thing but getting the products out each morning can be difficult with the way it has been designed and put together. As certain as I am that I really want 2 of these calendars again, I really don’t want this brand next year.


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