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Advent Calendars – Day 6


At the back you can see the Eyeko eyeliner which came from my M&S calendar today, not something I usually use as I have quite small eyes and so tend to go for a silver eyeliner to make my eyes sparkle and look a little bigger so I think this one might find its way to someone else in the new year.

Under that we have D’s red lindor, hopefully he’s not getting bored with these yet as he has loads more to come!

Bottom left is from my Sanctuary Spa calendar and it’s their Intensive Heel Balm and this is something I really need to try out at some point. I just hope it’s not like others I have tried which leave my feet slippery  for hours after use making a trip to the bathroom pretty dangerous!

In the middle on the bottom row is a small tube of Pivoine Flora handcream from my L’Occitane calendar. I don’t usually like floral creams but there’s something else with this one that I can’t quite place which actually makes it really nice so I’m pleased I got to try this through the calendar as I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Finally on the far right is a ‘liquid paper’ (I think) roller. I wasn’t sure if this would be that, glue or something else so I peeked under the cap and took a guess at what it is, I’ll find out for sure later when I have a play with it but whatever it is, these rollers always come in very handy with crafting so it’s great to have 🙂


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