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Advent Calendars – Day 5


Those bunny stickers from my Mrs Brimbles calendar today are just so cute aren’t they? I love the bunny wearing glasses 🙂

The next bottle along is Josh Wood Radiant Shine hair treatment oil which came from my M&S calendar, it sounds interesting and is a really big size so I’m looking forward to trying this out and seeing if it does my hair some good!

Next is from my L’Occitane calendar and is a bottle of their relaxing shower gel. It smells kind of fruity herbal and is really appealing to me so another one to look forward to starting.

D got another red Lindor from his calendar today, I suspect we can all see a pattern emerging with these now 😉

Finally from my Sanctuary spa calendar I received a bulldog clip. I really don’t mind this as I love stationery products but I can see how some people wouldn’t like today’s gift. For me though, it is made even better with the words ‘File me away for another day #LETGO’ on it and I fully intend to do so 😀


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