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Advent Calendars – Day 1

It’s finally here! I’ve been so excited about Advent this year and now it’s here and I get to open doors, bags and boxes every day 😀


Across the top you can see the thing which has given me the biggest grin this morning. It’s from my Mrs Brimbles calendar and is a pencil-case with 2 cats on it. When I opened it and pulled it out of the bag I could only see the other side (plain blue & white stripes) and even though it’s lovely, it was a little disappointing. Then I turned it over and saw the cats and started to grin, it’s absolutely perfect for me and I love it!

Under that on the left is a Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely hand cream which came from my M&S calendar. It’s a ‘Save the Bees’ product and it smells amazing as it has orange oil blended with the honey 😀

Next to that is D’s Lindor, a regular red milk chocolate one today 🙂

Then there is the Ultimate Salt Scrub from my Sanctuary calendar, this is one of the few products I wasn’t keen on and someone will be receiving this from me at some point, I really don’t like scrubs as my skin has always seemed to react to them quite badly so I dont even try with them any more.

Finally from the L’Occitane calendar is one of my favourite products, Verbena cooling hand cream gel. It smells amazing, makes my hands feel lovely and soft and is very quickly absorbed with no stickiness. It’s always good to have a little tube to put in my bag when we go out so this is a great thing for me.

So there we have day 1, the good, the not so and the absolutely fantastic 😀


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