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A book quest

Way back in June I was lucky enough to win a book by Patricia Cornwell called ‘Flesh and Blood’. It was the 22nd in the Kay Scarpetta series of books but I was reliably informed that you could read it as a stand alone but no-one thought to tell me I would then become hooked on them and would spend the next few months seeking out the first 21 of them!

With places like Amazon and eBay it sounds a simple task at first glance but some of the books are quite old and I really didn’t like the prices they were charging. I was sure if I took my time I could find them all at prices I was more happy with and I’m very happy to say that I was right.


I know there are 2 missing (23 & 24) but they are on my Christmas wish list 😀

The first place I started looking was due to receiving an email with a good offer. The Works normally have a great selection of paperbacks at a price of 6 for £10 which is really good but I managed to get them on a weekend when they offered 8 for £10 and so picked up my first few. After getting disheartened on Amazon and eBay I then decided a good place to check would be charity shops and so D & I spent a few weekends trawling around the ones we have locally and like most small towns and villages these days, we have many!

I did notice that most of them sell books between 50p and £1 however I did find that one in particular (not naming names but think of a green logo) had books double that and above and 1 book was priced at more than a new copy from Amazon costs! So be warned and do your research if you’re thinking about doing something similar, luckily they only had one of the books I was after and it was at the lower end of their scale! Charity shops can be a great resource but not all of them have the same pricing structure and sometimes it is worth walking away and trying the next one you come across.

Finally I was down to my last 4 needed so I decided to go back and try once more online. Amazon had them but 2 had quite expensive postage which put me off. I then found all 4 from a seller on eBay and they were good prices with free postage and an offer for buying 5 and gaining a discount so I found another book I had been searching for and put in my order.

Now I have the first 22 books and have compelted my quest to find them all. I have just finished reading the first, I know I’m hooked already but the rest are going to have to wait for a while as I have Christmas books to read and films to watch as well as lots of plans and preparations to make as it is mine and D’s first Christmas as a Mr & Mrs and I really want to make it a special one.


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