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Deliveries 11th October 2016


Over the weekend I managed to convince D to start our Christmas shopping as there were a few deals on some of the things we needed to purchase. I decided to have a look through the gifts section just in case something caught my eye for a gift we’d not decided upon yet and found what you can see in the picture above. It’s the Sanctuary Spa #LetGo Days of Christmas Advent Calendar! I had to give in and get it, as with my other calendar which arrived last week, this is one of my favourite beauty brands but I had no idea they were making this so it was a lovely surprise.

It’s not as expensive as most of the beauty calendars at £25 and it’s included in the 3for2 at Boots which makes it even more of a bargain, and that’s what I’m telling myself to ease the guilt from having 4 calendars this year!

The other 2 are being released next month, one is on pre-order already and the other will be a race to see if I can get one but it will make for a fun December and at least I’ll have something to show you all every day 😀


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