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Deliveries 28th July 2016


I won this fabulous ‘Now You See Me 2’ goody bag from PrizesEveryDay and it really made my day when they emailed me to tell me I had won it! I loved the first film and we finally got around to seeing this one last weekend (it’s just as great!) so this was a goody bag I really wanted. I love receiving goody bags anyway but when it is from a film/book/activity that I really enjoy then it’s made even more special.

What you can see in the photo is a T-Shirt in the background and a portable phone charger on the left which will both go to my lovely Hubby. Over the other side is a gorgeous Parker pen and deck of playing cards and these are mine. This is another reason for me loving this prize so much, often goody bags I win will be mostly (or entirely) for one or the other of us, this one is definitely one that we can both share and enjoy


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