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Deliveries 12th July 2016

Sorry about the state of the garage in this first picture, we’ll be working on that soon with something I won last week (which you’ll see when it arrives)

12-07-2016 1

Sorry it’s not really recognisable yet but it’s SO heavy! Anyway, this is the prize that I mentioned last week, it’s the biggest thing I’ve won in a long time! Last month (and for a few days of this too) Red Tractor ran a competition each day which was advertised as ‘win a Β£500 BBQ’ and I did! I won on the last day and I was incredibly shocked to see a claim form pop up instead of the usual ‘sorry you’ve not won, try again tomorrow’ message πŸ˜€ Anyway, under all that black & inside the box rests a Napoleon Triumph 410 BBQ just like this one and I can’t wait for us to both have some time to get it in the garden (OK and some good weather for this bit too) build it and try it out πŸ˜€ Must remember when we buy stuff to cook on it to get a gas bottle for it too or I’ll be using the kitchen!

12-07-2016 2

So this is the packing note from the BBQ to show it really is one under all that plastic and The Body Shop camomile cleansing butter has come as one of my friends sent me one via SoPost and I’m looking forward to trying this out πŸ˜€


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