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Oral-B Smart Series 4000 3D Whitening

I actually received this a couple of weeks ago as a project via The Savvy Circle but I thought I would try it out for a while before I posted on here about it.

I’ve often wondered if electric toothbrushes are enough better than a manual one to justify the cost of purchase, use and heads so when the chance to try this one out came I took it. I have had one in the past but it was one with toothbrush shaped heads not little round ones and I found them to be just too big to get the job done right.

When this arrived I opened the box and, as always with toothbrushes and razors these days, was immediately disappointed to find a 2-pin plug. Bathroom sockets are not as standard in this country as others so I’ve no idea why manufacturers force us to buy the adaptors instead of them providing a 3-pin plug that we all can use. Anyway, that gripe aside, this is what I found inside the box:


While it charged I added to Oral-B app to my phone and looked through the functions that it has and the first few times I did take my phone into the bathroom with me but without a holder for it that soon stopped due to fear of damage to it and to me, it doesn’t really add anything to the experience. Yes, the app tracks when you brush, for how long and reminds you to move around your mouth after 30 seconds and when you have brushed for 2 minutes BUT, the brush itself tells you when to move to the next quarter and when you have brushed enough so the app seemed a little redundant to me. It would be fun for those like my husband though who like to track everything and have charts and graphs for their daily lives. One other great feature is that it has a bright red light that flashes at you if you press too hard.

After using the brush for a couple of weeks I can really tell the difference between this and using a manual brush, my mouth feels cleaner and fresher and I noticed those differences after a couple of days. I really would recommend this brush to anyone looking to buy one right now as it was finally released today!


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