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In/Out are shaking my brain about!

This time next week all of us here in the UK (and some who aren’t) have to decide on something rather important that ‘might’ affect the rest of our lives but a lot of us still don’t know which way we are going to vote. This isn’t a post trying to get anyone to vote one way or the other, this is just for me to explain how I will decide how I will vote, once I really have to.

There has been a lot said by both sides in the press that really isn’t true and a lot taken out of context but since both sides are doing it who can complain about it other than us voters who just want the truth? Sadly in this case I believe the truth of the matter is that no-one knows what will happen if we vote to leave the EU. Both sides are projecting what might happen, some of it very good and some quite bad but, the only thing we know for sure is that if we vote remain then things will stay as they are. If you’re happy with all the power the EU has over our daily lives and think that they’re doing a good job for us Brit’s then vote to stay, if you’re not sure, like I’m not, then would leaving actually be as bad as the remain campaigners are claiming it would be?

I think that is how I will decide on the day, when I’m stood in the booth with the paper infront of me I will think about all the choices the EU has taken away from me and us, think about what life has been like as a member of the EU and if after considering what it has meant to be a member I decide that uncertainty actually sounds better than what we currently have, then that is how I will mark my X.





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