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Butterflies and wishes

I started this blog with so many good intentions about keeping it up to date and documenting the mad ride that has been planning our wedding but now, 8 days before the big event, I realise that I have failed miserably. I just keep running out of time. Because I elected to make some pieces myself (buttonholes, favours and post box) rather than purchase them all ready to go, it has meant that although I have exactly what I wanted, I’ve neglected this blog. Oh well, it’s nearly here so there’s nothing to be done and I really dont regret the choices I made, I just wish I had had that little bit more time so that I could have those posts to look back on and remember the fun I have had.

I guess the good side of that is that our guests probably have little idea about what they are going to encounter when they arrive so hopefully they will enjoy a couple of surprises, just please, no using the cricket bat on each other 😉 one of us girlies is injured enough (hope your arm is better soon x)

As for me, well, I’m just starting to struggle, the butterflies in my tummy have grown to epic proportions and I’m having mini panic attacks, luckily they only affect me when D is at work. His calming influence is really helping me as I do know there is nothing for me to worry about. The wedding will be lovely with the reception & party after being a lot of fun and the marriage itself will be wonderful, we’ve been together near 11 years now and still just as happy as we’ve ever been. But I cant help these odd nerves that flit about when I am alone, maybe it’s just being a bride and not to do with all those initials that are wrong with me but I do admit, a part of me cant wait for it to be over and for things to get back to normal again!lol

I’m not going to promise to blog again, I will try to remember to, especially with a write up of how the day went and I really will make an effort to come back once I get my other hobby re-started and back up to date again. And so I’ll leave this here, I’ll see some of you next weekend and others around the net. Have a happy Easter whatever you are getting up to 🙂


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