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A bad day followed by a great one!

Tuesday this week was a total disaster for me, it was one of those days where if something could go wrong it really did, or at least it seemed to.

To start with, when I opened the curtains part of the rail came out of it’s clips, not a problem normally as D can reach to pop it back in. Not so this week as he has been on a training course and leaves earlier so I spent the day with the rail hanging off the wall and the curtains in an odd position so they didn’t weigh it down!

Next on my hitlist was the PC, I’ve never upgraded from XP and it can be annoying at times when it decides to do odd things to me and it did a really good one to me this time. I was doing some bits in Chrome on Facebook and accidentally clicked on the wrong link …. so the PC went nuts trying to download something, everything went to a standstill and I hit the restart button. Sadly, it refused to boot after that, not even in safe mode so off I went to find the windows disc and as I pulled the drawer out …. the bottom fell out of it and the back panel flew off. See, it was a really bad day! Luckily I knew where I had some duck tape and the drawer was fixed BUT my drivers discs were not in the drawer eeek! Anyway, I got windows back on, hunted out my laptop and continued with my day sat watching Christmas films and going online through the tiniest (but very cute) laptop known to man/woman!lol

When D got home, he fixed the curtain rail for me and downloaded the drivers I needed for my PC and after finally getting the internet back on here I found it near impossible to get the updates to make everything work how it used to so we decided it’s time for me to upgrade. This is just about useable (it’s not very user friendly right now but will do nearly all I ask of it) for a few days and then I’m going to Windows 10. I’m kind of looking forward to getting it too and seeing what my PC can do with all of it’s parts working together since we got the 64bit version so I can access the other memory that this has but has not been used thus far.

Making that choice and ordering the software started my Wednesday morning and happily we were able to find it at a price we liked, it should be here over the weekend/early next week. After that, I checked the ECB to see if there was any news of the fixtures for next year (we want to marry at our local cricket ground so needed the county fixtures to be released as you cant get married there if there is a match on!) and found they were being released at 9am. I (im)patiently waited till it was time and checked ….YES! the matches dont start until a couple of weeks after our chosen date and last evening I had it confirmed from our wedding co-ordinator that we can go ahead with our preferred date and so what started off being a very rough couple of days ended with such an amazing high that I’m sat here grinning like you wouldn’t believe wondering what I was worried about 😀


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