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A bouquet toss with a difference!

My hayfever has slowly been getting worse each year so we took the decision to not have any real flowers at the wedding as I’m still not 100% sure exactly which ones affect me. I did think lily’s were the main culprit but at a funeral we attended earlier this year although I did have a reaction being near all of the flowers and had to move away, when sat near just one bunch which included lily’s, I had no reaction at all so I’m stumped.

Luckily however, they make such pretty silk and foam flowers these days that it wont be an issue with buttonholes and corsages for us all to wear (a post about this will appear soon!) But, when I was looking at a bouquet, the ones I really liked the look of were quite heavy and the thought of having to throw them at the end of the night made me a little nervous that it might hurt someone!

I decided to solve my problem in 2 ways. The first is that I have a bag to carry, yes I know, me and handbags so it was kinda obvious really! That being said, I really like the bag (and the contents it will have) so I couldn’t throw that so I was looking for something that I could when I found this:

Bride Sheep

So I just had to purchase it, it’s something nice and soft and hopefully a few of our guests will want her so it could make for a fun few moments, especially if we wait till they’ve had a few drinks 😉


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