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What do evening guests expect?

I think this is the question that’s puzzling me the most right now, what do we arrange for the evening guests? Those who are coming to the service it’s easy, that’s a 3 course wedding breakfast but what about those only coming in the evening?

With the venue we have selected we have lots of choices on offer from a small and simple buffet to a carvery or even a hog roast! So my question is, if you were invited as an evening guest to a wedding, would you expect to eat well or would you eat first? If we decide to go for one of the proper meal options instead of the nibbles/snacks ones, should we warn those we invite and let them know what will be happening?

Also, along similar lines, do guests expect a free bar (yes, anyone who does will have a nasty shock at our wedding!) I know that I’m not fussed either way but I don’t know how others feel and what expectations are these days.

So, any help on how to deal with other people’s expectations or should I just blinker myself and not worry about what others might expect?


One thought on “What do evening guests expect?

  1. I would eat before I attended an evening do, and I would not expect a free bar – however I had this conversation with some of the girls at work and they were horrified at my lack of expectation! They would expect a buffet at a minimum, and a certain amount of free bar!!! They will be sorely disappointed if I get married LOL x

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