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To winge or bare it?

This really is not going to be about what you think it is!

Many, many years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS which alongside leaving me unable to have children also made hair grow where I didn’t want it and to stop growing where I did! This means that my hair, which is naturally very fine, is now also thinning quite badly at the front, so much so that I cannot part it one one side anymore if I don’t want to look half bald!

So, with the wedding coming up, do I bare it and just have a simple hairstyle and hope it doesn’t look too bad, at least it will be me. Or do I use a winge (a fringe wig) and cover the lack of hair up and get a tiara to cover the join?

Well, I’ve taken the plunge, I found a winge that looked OK in about the right colour online and it was in a clearance sale. It arrived today and after fiddling about with the clips I’ve managed to get it attached and it actually does match my hair colouring really well but who is this woman looking back at me in the mirror?

As I said in my last post, I have something for the back of my head and I love that, the first time I saw it on me, I actually felt like a bride for the first time. With this winge, I could wear that all day, I would just need to get a tiara or something to hide the join or I could wear my hair down for the service & photo’s and put it up later in the day once it gets too hot. I guess I’ll make the final decision on the day and until then, I’ll have fun looking at tiara’s 😀


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