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Advent Calendars 2021 – Day 2

Happy 2nd of December everyone. I hope you’re all having a good start to the month 😊 Here are the items I opened today 🎁


This gorgeous mug came from my TreatBoxUK calendar and is a good size for all the hot chocolates we’re going to be having over the next month. The great bit about it however is that it matches with the coaster that was in their December subscription box. The contents of which you can see on my Instagram post ☕️

The Naked Marshmallow Company

Today’s Naked Marshmallow is in the flavour Salted Caramel and it was delicious. I’m loving the texture of these marshmallows, they’re airy and fluffy but also a bit chewy 😁

Amazon Beauty

My Amazon beauty calendar gave probably one of my most used types of products today, hand cream! I’ve not used this one before but have used other products from CeraVe so I have high hopes for this 🤚🏻

Little Box of Delights

Today’s item from my Little Box of Delight calendar is a Technic lip care set. It contains a scrub, balm and a lipstick remover. It’ll be good to try something new on my lips 👄


Today I received the same stack as yesterday from my Nourished calendar, I figured I would show you a zoomed in look at the gummy itself today ☺️

So that’s today’s crop, it was so good for me, all things I really appreciated receiving & now I’m looking forward to seeing what I open tomorrow 🤞🏻🎁

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Advent Calendars 2021 – Day 1

So my day didn’t start as planned! I’m later than I expected to be posting this as my tablet has had a total meltdown and I’m having to time share my husbands one. Luckily we’re not the sort of couple who are precious about our gadgets and he was fine with me installing all the apps I needed but WOW at the time it takes to get set up again 😳 Anyway, here are all the items I opened today 😊


What a lovely way to start of the month from TreatBoxUK! I will be opening each envelope as we go this month and showing you the self care idea inside so you can join in too if you wish 🙂

Naked Marshmallow Co

Today’s marshmallow was in the flavour of Cookies & Cream and it was delicious! I’ve not tried this brand before but I will be again after this, the marshmallow was springy and yet had a bite and chew to it as well as a lovely flavour. I can’t wait to try more 😁

Amazon Beauty

I do love a nice face mask and also skincare that contains Vitamin C so I am going to enjoy trying this out …. I might save it in case one of my TreatBox cards tells me I need some pampering 😆


I wasn’t sure what to expect from this calendar but I received a very tasty gummy stack of nutrients. I found this slightly citrus in taste which for me was very pleasant ☺️

Little box of Delights

This NYC planner pad from Little box of Delights will come in handy in the year to come, these pads always do be it for actually planning a week or just noting something down that I really shouldn’t forget. And it is rather pretty isn’t it 🙂

So that’s my first day done, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings 🤞🏻

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I’m back and so is Advent!

As many of you know who follow me on Social Media the last few months have been a bit rough. Between a prolonged stay in hospital and all the recovery I’ve needed since, it’s been a bit busy but life is starting to get back into a new ‘normal’ again now. With finally having some conditions diagnosed, one has taken over 17 years of asking what is going on, it means a few lifestyle changes are needed but we are adapting and it’s something I’ll go into more detail on in the new year once I’m much more certain of myself 😊

The reason I’ve come on here today is that tomorrow is the 1st of December and all of you who know me know that means the start of opening my advents! After my experiences last year trying to post what I received on Instagram and failing on a few days for hours due to being jailed I have decided to post in here. I will be linking from there each day so anyone who wants to see can no matter where you follow me, I just wanted to let everyone know what I’m planning right now 😁

This year, so far, I have 5 calendars and the 6th one in this image, the green one, was from last year and has been re-filled with goodies for my amazing husband D who really has been my hero this year.

Advent calendars 2021

The ones I have this time are Nourished, The Naked Marshmallow Company, Amazon beauty, Little box of delight (in the sack at the front) and TreatboxUK in my Christmas Countdown box.

Three of these we purchased but the Nourished one I won from a competition they ran on Instagram and the Amazon one was very kindly gifted to me. A friend entered a competition which asked if you would keep it or give it away. She said that she would give it to me in her response as she wanted to make me smile, well you’ve certainly done that V, thank you so much for your generosity in not keeping it for yourself xx

I really can’t wait for tomorrow so I can finally start opening them 😁

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Deliveries 11th – 14th August 2021

This week has been a bit busy here and slow on deliveries so I thought I would just do one post this weekend to show you what has arrived and where from this week 😊

Hand cream heroes

First up we have a lovely smelling set of hand creams. I received these from Creightons Body Bliss on Instagram for answering a survey for them 😁

Home Tester Club UK

This fabulous iron has come from the Home Tester Club UK. Since I do enjoy ironing this is one test I will really enjoy doing. Hopefully it lives up to all the claims about it, I just need to find another extension lead to use with it as the power lead is only 2m & I prefer not having to be that close to the wall 🤣

LiB August 2021

This is my Latest in Beauty box for August. I know there are 2 repeats again but the deodorant is a favourite and the Mane ‘n’ tail is really good. The main items I wanted to try this month were the Neal’s Yard and the Noughty items so I’m happy I managed to get both. I added in the Chok Chok serum as I have been using a day cream with similar properties which my skin loves so it’s worth trying. The 3 tiny tubes of Cetaphil Daily Defence Moisturiser are a free gift everyone will receive if they make a box this month.

So that’s another week closer to Advent – I’m so looking forward to my calendars this year!

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Deliveries 5th August 2021

Today my second Latest in Beauty CEW Awards Edit selection arrived and I was right in that I didn’t think they would get it all in the box 😆

LiB – CEW Awards Edit 2021

Seven of the items I selected this time are the same as last time, which you can see here. I just didn’t get the 2 moisturizers that I did then. Instead I substituted in the hand and body lotion you can see above and a conditioner bar. Here’s what I received unboxed

CEW Edit Unboxed

I did receive a different variety of the hand sanitizer this time which is Luxurious Bergamot. Other than those 3 items it’s the same and has topped me up on a few things I use a lot of at a great price in the LiB end of July sale weekend 😁

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Deliveries 4th August 2021

Another one of my subscription boxes arrived today

JaLS August 2021

My August Just a Little Something box arrived today and it was filled with some of my favourite things to receive from this type of subscription.

Like with the other two boxes I’m not going to show you the full contents as this would spoil the surprise for subscribers who haven’t received theirs yet but it will be unboxed on my Instagram page in a few days time. But, isn’t it pretty!

JaLS August 21

And now you have a hint at what this months theme is 😆

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Deliveries 3rd August 2021

Today has been a fun day, the post van called twice, once with 2 of my subscription boxes and then later a different one, but still Royal Mail, called with some prizes and a couple of things I can’t share on here 😊

First up is a new subscription box I’ve taken out, some of you may remember a few years ago I had an Advent calendar from Under the Rowan Trees and this is by the same small business and now called the Rowan Berry Box

Eden Rowan Berry Box

All of the items you can see are from a previous box which we purchased alongside starting the subscription. This one is called the Eden box and is still available on the website. The box just peeking through at the back is this months ‘Birthday’ box which I will unbox in a few days over on my Instagram to show you what’s inside without spoiling the surprise for other subscribers 😁

I had a bit of luck on Instagram during July and these lovely prizes all arrived today

Instagram prizes

The Where’s Wally books I won from PB Shop who feature a wide variety of reading materials

The football has come from TCL who ran a lot of competitions while the World Cup was on and I won this print signed football from one of them

The Proper Nutty peanut butter came from an effort competition. They asked to see how their fans were upcycling their tins. Mine is still on my Instagram feed if you want to see it, I’m using it to keep my hair things from taking over my desk at the moment. I’m also working on my next tin which will appear over there at some point now I have the bits I need for the idea I had, luckily I’ve already emptied and cleaned out another tin 😁

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Deliveries 29th – 31st July 2021

So life got in the way of me posting on here again but the good news is that all the walking I have been trying to do lately is paying off and I’ve lost 7lbs in the last 2 months 🥳

Last Thursday, the 29th, I received the remaining part of the prize I won from Instagram that I told you all about in my last post

Stirrd goodies

Stirrd sent 3 different types of fudge, clotted cream, dark chocolate orange and cookies & cream. There was also some strawberry jellies, peanut brittle and chocolate coated butterscotch sweets included.

Then, on Saturday, my August Treatbox arrived

Treatbox August 2021

I’m not going to show you what’s inside yet as it may spoil the surprise for anyone who hasn’t received theirs yet. It does smell amazing and it is a lovely selection of items again this month. Check out my Instagram in a few days as I’ll post the unboxing over there 😁

This might be a busy week on here, I have a few subscription boxes due since it’s the start of a new month 😁

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Deliveries 22nd – 24th July 2021

Woo hoo we survived the heat! Wasn’t it glorious at first but by Thursday I’d had enough 🤣 It’s so lovely and cool here right now but I’m betting a few more days of this and we’ll all be wanting some more sunshine again 😁

Due to the heat, and not having much delivered, I just took photos the last few days of what arrived. Now it’s much easier to think, here are the 2 things which arrived

Lip balms

These Blistex Lip Infusions lip balms were sent to me from Free4You to try out and review.

Each Monday they send an email reminding me to check out what products they have for review. Sometimes they are things you purchase and get refunded and sometimes, like this time, they are items sent directly. Are you a member yet?


These amazing bags of ground coffee have come from a giveaway by Altitude Coffee London and Stirrd on Instagram.

To celebrate ‘National Give something Away Day’ they got together to give 2 people some coffee and fudge. I was lucky enough to be picked as ALT’s winner and they let me select 4 of their coffee’s and they even ground them for me for our method of brewing.

I can’t wait to see what Stirrd send as I’ve been following them for a while now trying to decide over making a purchase from them. They have a lot of tempting items which change often so it will be interesting 😁

So that’s it for this week, hopefully the next one will be a good one too!

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Latest in Beauty – CEW Awards Edit 2021

This is my new box from Latest in Beauty, it’s their CEW Awards edit which can be found here.

I wasn’t going to make an edit this time as there were only a couple of things I really wanted/wanted to try. Then I saw the price after my PRO discount and using a £5 voucher so went ahead and picked things I might use at some point 😊

LiB – CEW Awards Edit 2021

As you can see there is an extra item here this is the ALLEVEN Stellar Mask which was one of two free gifts given at random to the first 1,500 people to create one of these boxes.

The items I chose are:

Moisturising hand sanitizer by Babington Soap Co (it states the scent will vary and I received the Rosemary & Mint variety)

Blow Dry Aqua Primer by Fudge

Organic Guava Gel Moisturiser by Dr Organic

Miracle Leave in product by It’s a 10

Dry Texturizing Spray by Oribe

Overnight Lip Mask by Dr PAWPAW

Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Water by Palmers

Fresh Face Exfoliating Water by Skin & Tonic

Calming Cream by The Beauty of Eczema

Since most of the items I chose are full sizes I think I got a great bargain with this box.

It’s good to have a refill of a couple of products and to try some more new ones too!