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TreatBox October 2020 Subscription box

A TreatBox subscription is a letterbox sized gift of happy mail to yourself each month. It costs £15 a month or £16.95 for a one off box. Each month you receive a box of mystery goodies, 3 of which will be full sized products. The type of products ranges across food, drink, stationery, socks, scarves, pin badges, posters/prints and more. You can see the boxes I have received on my Instagram feed to get an idea of what you might get.

I have had my subscription to TreatBox running since December 2018, some months suit me better than others but overall I’m really happy with this box and will continue to get it as long as it runs. My favourite items are the socks and scarves as they are always well made and really pretty.

This month seems themed around a cosy start to Autumn with items designed around this season and some lovely snacks for a night in

As you can see this month we received a hot drink sachet as well as a couple of snacks. There’s also a wax melt from Koko Rose, a pair of Joe Cool socks, a print and a planner.

I’ve been wanting to try the Whittard’s Salted Caramel hot chocolate since I heard about it. The Joe & Sephs popcorn and the Flower & White meringue will be lovely with a movie over the weekend.

The socks are really long this month as you can see in the picture below so I’ve given them to D and he’s happy with them. Under them in the picture above are the print and weekly planner that you can see below with the socks. All of them have a lovely autumnal feel to them which is just right at the moment.

So that’s this months box. What do you think of it? Is it something you might look into getting for yourself? Let me know below. Right now I’m most excited about their Advent Calendar which we pre-ordered months ago but I’ve noticed on the website now that it’s sold out. It’ll be interesting to see what comes this time as I’ve had one the last 2 years and loved them.

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Deliveries 25th September 2020

A very nice pair of deliveries arrived today, both for the months to come 😊

The first thing I will get to use is my 12 days of socks Harry Potter calendar. I know most calendars like this are used as a countdown to Christmas but I’m going to use mine as a countdown after Christmas to twelfth night so I know how much longer I get to have our decorations up for 🎄

These are our Busy B items for next year. Since having one of their calendars a few years ago we’ve had one every year as they are so well made and useful with the pockets each month to store things you’re going to need! We chose this navy one for next year and I added a matching diary in the hope that things will get normal enough that I have things to enter in it.

I also got some spare stickers for the calendar as I normally always run out of a couple of them, I do like making each month colourful 😆 The final thing we ordered is a meal planner which also has a pad for a shopping list and a couple of magnets to hold one of each to the fridge to remind us of what we’re supposed to be doing.

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Deliveries 19th September 2020

In this week’s MSE newsletter there was a code for 25% off most items at Holland & Barrett (not the Advent calendar and a few other things) and this code also gave free delivery and stacked with other offers too!

We decided to use it to get a couple of favourites as well as a few treats for my Christmas Eve box. All of the items pictured should have cost £43.14 according to our invoice but after their own discounts and multibuy offers came off, as well as the MSE discount, we paid £27.47 😁

The code is still valid until Sunday (20/09/20) night if you want to try it as well and if you’re not signed up to the MSE newsletter, why not? Each week they give great advice on financial matters and there’s always a deal on a beauty as well as other top offers for the week! I’ve linked the sign up page up the top, it’s on the top of the page with this weeks offers on so you can have a look at what else you missed last week too 😊

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Deliveries 14th September 2020

Last week I had a good look at my fluffy sock collection and realised that I’ve worn many of them out and should really have replaced them in the spring. That being said I probably got a better deal right now as the prices aren’t being winter inflated quite yet 😊

I found these socks on Amazon and couldn’t decide which set of 6 pairs to get so I decided to get both as I will use them all in time. I really don’t mind wearing Christmas fluffy socks any time of year as they keep my feet warm and make me smile when I put them on 🎄😁

They seem great from my initial impressions of them, a little stretchy, very fluffy and soft and a good size for me (I’m a UK size 6) I really love all the different designs and now cant wait for this warm spell to be over so I can start using them!

I’ve added them into my Christmas list on my Amazon storefront which is on my links page right at the top of this blog if you want to have a look at them for yourself 😊

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Deliveries 10th September 2020

This is an extra 6 piece box that we selected from Latest in Beauty. I have a subscription with them for 6 boxes a month which I pre-paid at the start of the year. I find this is the best beauty box for me as I get to pick which items I want to try so I rarely get items I wouldn’t use unless they are freebies with the box such as the coffee scrub you can see in this box.

After seeing the live videos with both Monpure and Natura Siberica I knew there were items that would be good for both D and myself which is why we got this extra box. D sometimes gets a very itchy head and the occasional spot so we thought the scrub might help and it does smell really good 😊

I am running out of my current essence lotion which I use after toning to keep my face wet for my hyaluronic serum and after hearing about these tonics I decided to give them a go to see if they would work as a replacement for me to give me more options. After that decision I simply added the 3 other items from the range that I felt I could make the most use from (Serum/Glow Mask/BB cream) and I’m really looking forward to trying them!

The Latest in Beauty subscription service has recently been overhauled so now you can only pick a 6 item box but the price has gone down to £12.95 (£3.95 p&p) a month. After being subscribed for 3 months you become a LiB Box PRO member which entitles you to free p&p, discounts on collection boxes and other benefits.

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Deliveries 9th September 2020

Over the weekend we decided that we needed some more of those ever so useful plastic storage boxes. I did some research and found a great price for them on Hobbycraft so we placed an order. After deciding which would work best for us my husband asked if there was anything else I would like – silly question 😆

I have been looking for a nice box to make myself a Christmas Eve box for a while 🤶🏻 and I found a lovely one which suited my needs perfectly so I asked D to get that and added in the ribbons too as they were on 3for2.

I posted this picture to my Instagram stories earlier and it was only when I looked it over a while later that I realised I had been sent a different box! The box we order had “‘Twas the night before Christmas” on the top and as you can see this one does not. The box I received I can’t even find on their website but, I do prefer it as those snowflakes are very cute and make the box perfect for me 😆

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Starting again … again!

I’ve been thinking for a while about starting writing a blog again, remembering how much I used to enjoy it before real life got in the way. I’ve decided that it’s time to try and I’ve even decided what I’m going to try to be doing on here too!

I’m going to be doing pretty much the same as before, showing you all the things that arrive here and telling you where they have come from but I’m also going to throw in the odd post about things which I find interesting.

Since the last time I was here I’ve expanded my love of Advent calendars (yes, it’s nearly time to get this years!) and I now have 3 subscription boxes as well. I will introduce you to them at some point or you could pop over to Instagram and have a look at what I’ve been posting over there and have a little sneak peek!

Anyway, that’s enough for now, hopefully I’ll be annoying you all again soon!

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Deliveries 19th December 2018

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!


I won these goodies from Lipcote & Co on Instagram yesterday, isn’t that impressive delivery speeds this time of year! What you can see on the left is the Latest in Beauty Party Prep Edition Beauty Box and alongside that Lipcote kindly sent me their products as well so I received another Browcote (which is great as I use this often with my brows!) and a lipcote which I have used on and off for as long as I can remember!

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Deliveries 6th December 2018


The gorgeous Yankee Candle in the middle has come via SimplyBe‘s Perks. every so often they have some great freebies and offers for their customers and this one was the most recent that I was quick enough to claim. It smells lovely!

The (mini) cans of CocaCola have come via a sampling offer through SendMeASample, it’s nice to have a variety of types within the ones they sent.

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Deliveries 30th November 2018


Last week JD Williams asked their Instagram followers what they were shopping for and gave hints and gift idea’s as well as a bottle of Hotel Chocolat Fizz to those they answered! I was one of the lucky ones and my bottle of fizz has just arrived!


The T-shirt at the bottom I won from one of Hobgoblin’s instant win games. Both of us love it when I win these as they always have great designs on them and they are really well made!

The batteries I received as a freebie from O2 priority, they’re giving some away on a few different dates so if you’re a customer it’s worth checking for.

The magnetic clothes pegs I traded in some of my ePoints for as I can never pass up on some cute fridge magnets and with having a whole new fridge to cover I can have a few extra right now 😀