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Deliveries 19th December 2018

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!


I won these goodies from Lipcote & Co on Instagram yesterday, isn’t that impressive delivery speeds this time of year! What you can see on the left is the Latest in Beauty Party Prep Edition Beauty Box and alongside that Lipcote kindly sent me their products as well so I received another Browcote (which is great as I use this often with my brows!) and a lipcote which I have used on and off for as long as I can remember!

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Deliveries 6th December 2018


The gorgeous Yankee Candle in the middle has come via SimplyBe‘s Perks. every so often they have some great freebies and offers for their customers and this one was the most recent that I was quick enough to claim. It smells lovely!

The (mini) cans of CocaCola have come via a sampling offer through SendMeASample, it’s nice to have a variety of types within the ones they sent.

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Deliveries 30th November 2018


Last week JD Williams asked their Instagram followers what they were shopping for and gave hints and gift idea’s as well as a bottle of Hotel Chocolat Fizz to those they answered! I was one of the lucky ones and my bottle of fizz has just arrived!


The T-shirt at the bottom I won from one of Hobgoblin’s instant win games. Both of us love it when I win these as they always have great designs on them and they are really well made!

The batteries I received as a freebie from O2 priority, they’re giving some away on a few different dates so if you’re a customer it’s worth checking for.

The magnetic clothes pegs I traded in some of my ePoints for as I can never pass up on some cute fridge magnets and with having a whole new fridge to cover I can have a few extra right now 😀

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Deliveries 29th November 2018

It’s so close to Advent! I really cant wait to start opening my calendars this year, you can see them and what I open/unwrap each day over on my Instagram page


I won these amazing goodies from Fenwick over on Instagram. They ran a competition where you could win a bundle for you and for the friend you tagged so half of the above goodies will soon be making their way north up to the person I tagged in my entry. I really hope she loves them as much as I do, the scent is amazing!



The Clif bar I received via a sampling opportunity from SendMeASample, I think this will be something for D and his walking!

The Bar of Dairy Milk I received from my lovely husband sending me a secret santa gift which he won from CadburyUK on Twitter. I know this is how it arrived as I won one as well and have sent mine to him!

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Deliveries 21st November 2018

This delivery has a bit of a story to it so I’ll explain first 🙂

Back in October I was very lucky and won a competition on Twitter run by Fraser’s Fun House to celebrate them gaining 3k followers. The prize was a bundle of items which were a lot of fun to receive including something I’d seen around a lot but never really gotten into — Yankee Candles! One of the 2 votives I received was in the fragrance Cherry Vanilla and I love it! Since we didn’t have a holder we decided to wait until Christmas/Black Friday week and see what the sets looked like and how they were priced. The one we ordered came today.


I know this set doesn’t look very pretty but that’s because the one I found in the sales this week had 1 holder and 4 votives and was 2/3 the price of this set!lol I actually managed to find myself a bargain in the regular priced items on Amazon so maybe those ‘Black Friday’ Bargain prices are not all they make themselves out to be??

I looked up all the scents included (there are 2 of each of Cosy By The Fire, Bundle Up, Snow In Love, Snowflake Cookie, Winter Glow & Berry Trifle) and was only concerned by 1 description and I admit I’m not as keen on it as the others but they will get used and the other 10 are really nice! I’m really impressed with the holders too, they are very pretty and feel well made so I’m happy & I just need to decide which one to burn first 😀

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Deliveries 16th November 2018

I know it’s been a long time since I last posted here but thing happen in real life that are far more important and sometimes they take time to develop and to recover from. Things have calmed down the last few months for us so I decided it was time to try this again and see how I go.


I won Series 1 & 2 of Designated Survivor from a competition that ran over on What’sOnTV competitions website. I’ve not seen this before but it does sound interesting so we’ll have to give it a go soon 🙂

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Deliveries 2nd February 2018


These lovely samples arrived today, I know the bottom one came via a SoPost sampling but I’m not sure about the top one! Anyway, up top I have samples of Alien EDP and Alien Flora Futura, I haven’t opened them to smell them yet but they feel like they have some towelettes inside the packaging. I’m hoping they do as I love it when I receive perfume samples this way 😀

Below that is a small bottle of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair which from the directions for use seems to be a serum type product. I love a good serum so am looking forward to trying this one out 🙂


Now we come to my other delivery today, I’m putting the picture under the description for a few reasons, I hope none of you mind 🙂 Over the weekend I found a bundle of beauty items on eBay which were a bit disguised (all upside down or covered by other items), it was easy to make out a few of the products that I am very familiar with but most I couldn’t even guess at but I counted around 30 items and with those I knew were there I placed a bid I was happy with.

I won the auction and the items arrived here today – I am totally blown away with what I have received. There are loads more items than I expected – 61 in fact! Yes there are some duplicates but that’s not a problem, not even the 4 identical brushes as I’m sure that whatever I decide I can’t use, someone in our families will find a home for 😉 Also, the observant among you might notice all of the items I received in my Tili box last November are there, these are the items I noticed and based my bid upon and the ones I wanted most as the box did live up to it’s name of ‘Try it, Love it’ 😀



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Deliveries 31st January 2018

I had to do separate photo’s today as there was too much in each surprise to get them in one photo!


First up we have the #triyit box from They are a product discovery club who are currently in a pre-launch phase who send out boxes of goodies free of charge to those who match their brands criteria and this time I was a match! I’m really looking forward to trying these goodies, some I’ll even share with D but the one I can see the best future for is that porridge pot! I must have breakfast to take some tablets each morning and this can be difficult when we go away overnight but this could be an option for me to have a healthy breakfast which tastes great, I’ll be taking this next time we go in a few weeks!


The postman brought me this lovely surprise this morning which has come from a competition I entered with docrafts. These will no doubt come in very handy with my card making, my journal and gift wrapping, I already have a few idea’s 😀